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Bell Helmets have finally come up with the seasonal line of helmets in the year 2017. The new line of helmets features exciting colors and indeed some of the latest lineup from the leading brand includes the very popular Moto3, and Moto-9 Flex helmets. Bell bike helmets are professional grade helmets that act as perfect protective head gear for recreational purposes and sports use. In the entire human body, the brain is the most fragile but vital organ that needs to be protected in the perfect manner. Therefore, you must invest in a well fitting, safe and appropriate helmet. You may choose a Bell Helmet to suit your fashion statement and the safety measures completely.

Moto 9 flex: the most advanced Bell Motorcycle helmet

Moto 9 Flex is one of the most advanced bell motorcycle helmets designed to manage both rotational and linear energy towards the head under high, medium and low speed impacts. The helmet is setting the new level for riders’ protection in off-road racing and motocross. Following are some of the core technologies:

  • You will find the progressive layering of three levels that is perfectly designed to manage energy from low to high speed impact.
  • There is an adaptive fit featuring the segmented construction that conforms to the head of the rider automatically. It is best to note that it features an effective energy management while offering a better fit.
  • The presence of ‘slip zone’ allows for movement between the inner layers while working to reduce the rotational energy.
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation makes for a cooler helmet.

The Multi-directional Impact Protection System or the MIPS

MIPS is indeed the latest in the line of Bell helmets which uses the slip that is plane designed to manage the energy from angular and rotational impact. Helmets from Bell, equipped with MIPS can save the head from the impact of rotational acceleration. So, it is the MIPS technology, which can provide an additional protection to the head in certain types of impacts. It is designed exactly to reduce the rotational impact and to redirect it.

Some of the best helmets from Bell Helmets

In the year 2017, the latest in the line of Bell motorcycle helmet includes Bell Moto-9 Flex Day in the Dirt, Bell MX-9 MIPS Equipped Seven Soldier, Bell Moto-9 Flex McGrath Replica, Bell Moto-9 Flex Monster Pro Circuit, Bell Moto-9 Flex Seven Rogue, Bell Moto-9 Tagger, Bell Moto-3 RSD. We may say that it was Bell which investigated motorcycle helmets in the true sense. After much development in the Bell helmets, we now have very stable kinds of helmets, stable at the higher speed. They feature an unrivaled ventilation system with Flow Adjust. The airflow management system is totally new to create the natural flow vacuum that sucks air all through the helmet.

The range of Bell motorcycle helmets is produced with the super stable design which is lift-free and features the proven wind tunnel. They are indeed constituted of the lightweight carbon fiber or Kevlar material. Inside the helmet one can discover the contoured cheek pads that fit comfortably. Each of the Bell helmet come with 3-5 years of warranty.

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