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A passionate rider’s joy and pride lies in his/her most prized possession – the bike! Therefore, it’s only fair to accessorize it. Here’s our pick of the top 5 motorcycle accessories that will make your life easy and keep your ride safe and sound.
1. Motorcycle body cover – An absolute must-have, a body cover plays a big role in protecting your precious motorcycle from direct sunlight, dust, water, knocks, cats and dogs, bird droppings, unexpected surprises (paint drops!), unnecessary attention and theft. Body covers are available in various sizes and qualities suitable for different motorcycles. A few such as the Oxford Rainex bike covers come with heat resistance fabric to prevent a hot mess in case the cover touches the exhaust momentarily. Avoid covering a hot bike though.  

2. Crash Guards - Applying front brakes while negotiating a U-turn, especially with a heavy bike, can turn ugly pretty fast. Whether one drops a bike or not, it surely sends warning signals to get a crash guard to minimize damage to bike's fairings and tank. Make sure that the guards protrude out properly, and always buy from an established and trusted brand as their designs and fit would’ve been developed after enough R&D.

3. Tank pads - Most bikes tend to develop scuffmarks from buttons and zippers rubbing against the tank. Here’s where a tank pad comes handy as it not only saves your bike’s precious paintwork, but also enhances its looks. A cost effective solution, without burning a big hole in your wallet.

4. Mobile holders - A mobile holder is a must-have if you rely frequently on navigation. A convenient mount to hold your phone/navigation device helps find directions easily, see live traffic updates and modify your route accordingly. And of course it allows you to see if anyone is calling you on the mobile device, so that you can stop your bike and receive the call if urgent.

5. Tyre gauge - Tyre gauge is a small and cost-effective way to keep a proper check on your bike’s tyre pressure. Follow the tyre pressure recommended in your bike manual and it can help improve braking, fuel efficiency, handling, performance and reducing tyre wear. A low tyre pressure can lead to damage to the rim sidewalls pretty quickly when you hit potholes (which are aplenty on Indian roads!). And it's a good habit to check the tyre pressure before a ride.

Hope you find the above list useful. We would love to hear from you on other suggestions on motorcycle accessories that can help fellow riders!

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