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Did you know that apart from your regular service, there are things you need to check periodically on your motorcycle to keep it running optimally?

A motorcycle is a machine and just like any machine, it needs to be taken care of periodically, so that it can function optimally. There are small maintenance activities that you can undertake for your motorcycle at set intervals, that will not only enhance your riding experience, but also increase the life of your motorcycle.

1. Chain maintenance

A loose, dry or dirty chain will sap power. On top of that, it will wear out the chain set much faster so you will have to shell out money at shorter intervals to replace it. Chain maintenance can be done at home or at your mechanic’s shop. A general rule of thumb suggests that you should clean your chain once every 1000-1500km and lubricate it every 500km. These intervals can however vary depending on the kind of environment in which you ride. A dusty environment will require you to conduct chain maintenance more often. You can even use the Oxford Chain Brush to clean your motorcycle chain at home.

2. Lubrication

Your chain is not the only part on the motorcycle that needs to be lubed. Your throttle and clutch cables need to be lubed as well so that their operation remains smooth. If these cables are not properly lubed, it can lead to a jerky input of the throttle or clutch, thus hampering your riding experience. Then there is the fact that dry cables will wear out faster. If you are skilled in the art of removing these wires from your motorcycle, you can go ahead and lube them by yourself at home. Hoed should go to your local mechanic to get it done.

3. Tyre pressure

The tyres of a motorcycle are one of its most important components as they are the only part of a motorcycle that remains in contact with a ground, when a motorcycle is being ridden. It is for this reason that having the right tyre pressure is so important. Even a change of 1-2 PSI can lead to a huge change in how a motorcycle handles. Check the pressure in the tyres every week, and you can do that easily at home by using the Oxford Digital Gauge. Always fill up air in your tyres when they are cold. Filling them up in a hot state is not advised as slight changes in temperature can affect the pressure of the compressed air.

4. Check the battery

Most modern motorcycles have some kind of electronics on them and electronics require the use of a battery to power them. Thus if your battery were to give out on you, your whole motorcycle would be pretty much useless. It is therefore imperative to regularly check your battery, but how? The answer lies in the Oxford 900 Essential Battery Management System. This device can be hooked up to any 12V battery and essentially takes care of the charging by using the right charging profiles, tests for any problems in the battery and displays all the information on a handy screen right on top of it.

5. Plug the exhaust

Washing a motorcycle is very important to make it last but in that process, water can often enter your exhaust and spoil the equipment inside it. There is a short and sweet way in which you can avoid this. Get an Oxford Bung and you can use it to plug the hole or holes of your exhaust. This will prevent any water from entering your exhaust and causing problems such as rusting.

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