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Motorcycle riding boots are one of the most crucial pieces of riding gear and TCX is one manufacturer that makes high quality riding boots that can be used across different disciplines of motorcycling. Today, let us take a look at how this Italian company came to making these world-renowned boots.

Surprisingly, TCX isn’t a very old company which is based out of Montebelluna, Italy. It set up shop in 1999, which means it’s not even a quarter-of-a-century old yet. In fact, TCX started off under the name Oxtar Boots and this continued to be its name until 2007. It was then that Oxtar was purchased by Novation S.p.A. and rebranded to TCX. Oxtar made its debut by patenting its TCS Torsion Control System and implementing it on its first motorcycle boot. It was basically a system that kept the lateral and longitudinal motion of the ankle in check. Despite these restrictions, a rider was still able to perform all the natural movements that are required to ride a motorcycle. This made the Oxtar boots one of the safest pieces of footwear for motorcycle riders.

In the years since then, the motorcycle riding gear manufacturer has made different kinds of motorcycle riding boots, specifically to optimize comfort, quality, performance and protection. They now offer boots for casual riders which offer relatively high levels of performance and can still be worn when not riding the motorcycle, without too much of an inconvenience. TCX also has their own track riding boots which have gone through the iterations over the years. The brand has also managed to plunder the off-road market with its range of products, all of which are truly world class and recommended by stalwarts of the motorcycling community. In fact, TCX set the benchmark for protection by making sure that all its products are with a CE certification, assuring a peace of mind to the rider.

One of the reasons that TCX has been so successful in making riding shoes is that it has, over the years, dedicated itself just to make motorcycling footwear. By limiting their range of products, they have been able to offer unmatched quality which has made them such a sought-after brand amongst the community. Another reason why it is so popular is that it offers riding boots for both men and women. This allows motorcycle riders of both genders to access world class riding footwear that would specifically suit them. And lastly, all TCX products are made at its factory in Montebelluna or other sites in Europe, and they are all company-owned. This allows them to keep a strict oversight over the quality of production.

The Italian ridings boots manufacturer has continued to innovate in its short history and is one of the leaders in its niche. It’s at the forefront of not only research, but also in finding the best materials that can offer both comfort and protection to a rider’s foot. In 2020, TCX was bought by Dainese, another stalwart among riding gear manufactures. Dainese is known for its comfort to protection ration among riders, and strives to offer the best riding gear from head to toe. With both companies sharing similar philosophies, it’s a marriage made in heaven as Dainese is now able to learn from TCX when it comes to footwear and TCX is able to leverage Dainese’s immense presence across the globe.

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