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Article: HNP’s 7 Must have Accessories for Your Motorbike

HNP’s 7 Must have Accessories for Your Motorbike

HNP’s 7 Must have Accessories for Your Motorbike

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So you have purchased your brand new dream motorcycle. Here is team HNP’s list of seven must have accessories to help you get started.

1. Helmet

motor cycle helmet HNP

This is to protect your most critical asset – your head! A full face helmet is considered to be the safest, followed by a modular helmet. Next safest is a ¾ and finally the half helmet. Look for appropriate certifications – DOT is the American standard, ECE 22.05 is the European equivalent, and the Indian ISI mark is mostly based on the ECE 22.05 specification. Motorcycle helmets are also classified by the riding style – Sports helmets – if you have a motorcycle which is ridden in the tucked position,  Dual Sports – for  adventure biking,  Touring – for touring applications and Classic – for upright riding positions. There is a saying, “If you have a $5 head, then go for a $5 helmet”, so choose wisely.

 2. Riding Gloves

riding glove hnp

A pair of riding gloves should be next on any bikers purchase list. A good pair of gloves not only protect the hands in the event of a spill, but they also make riding a lot safer by proving a better grip on the ‘machinery’ to be operated by our hands – viz., the brake & clutch levers and the throttle. There are several types to choose from – Full or Half Gauntlet, or based on the riding style – Sports, Touring, Urban etc.

 3. Riding Boots

motorcycle riding boots

Just like the riding gloves, they not only protect your feet in case of a spill, but increase your riding efficiency by effective control of foot operated levers – viz, the rear brakes and gear shifter. Also available in several types to suit your riding style – Sports, Adventure, Classic, Urban etc.

4. Riding Jackets

motorcycle riding jackets

 A riding jacket not only keeps the elements away but is made of tough, abrasion-resistant material which protects your skin in case of a spill and also has reinforcements to provide protection to critical areas such as the back, shoulders and elbows. Like the gloves, a riding jacket also available in many styles and for different weather conditions.

 5. Eyewear

riding eyewear hnp

Specialized eye wear protects you against glare, therefore maintaining visibility. It also protects against small insects and foreign bodies which can cause tremendous harm to your eyes if they hit you at typical riding speeds. For those who wear contact lenses, a good pair can also prevent drying up of eyes that cause discomfort. An alternative way of glare protection is a tinted visor for your helmets. Many helmets come with a tinted  visor, or you can purchase one separately.

6.  A Tail/Tank Bag

motorcycle tank bag

A tail or tank bag is very useful for storing essential knick knacks when you go out riding such as your documents,  a motorcycle lock, and even a tool kit. Some versions of tank bags have a window on top to help you see maps on your smartphone or tablet. There are several sizes available to choose from depending on your needs.

 7. Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle cover hnp 

A good motorcycle cover protects your motorbike while it is parked. It can protect against dust, rain and even harmful UV rays present in sunlight. UV is very harmful to paint, plastics and rubber on the bike. Motorcycle covers are especially a must for those who do not ride their steeds daily.

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