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BMW Motorrad, a trailblazer in the world of motorcycles, is set to redefine adventure riding with the unveiling of the BMW R 1300 GS in the Indian market in the coming months. The motorcycle promises a revolutionary riding experience, boasting a slew of features that make it a formidable presence on both the tarmac and the trail. Thilo Fuchs, Head of Water-cooled Boxer Models, confidently asserts, "With the new BMW R 1300 GS, we will once again take the competition by surprise." Let's take a look at the groundbreaking features that make this machine the epitome of "Next level GS."


Performance Powerhouse


At the heart of the R 1300 GS lies a redesigned two-cylinder boxer engine, compact and powerful, producing a staggering 145 hp at 7,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 149 Nm at 6,500 rpm. This makes it the most potent BMW boxer engine ever produced in series. The innovative gearbox placement under the engine and a new camshaft drive arrangement contribute to the engine's compact design.


Redefined Suspension and Handling


The motorcycle's frame takes center stage, featuring main frame made of steel that provides increased stiffness compared to its predecessor. The EVO Telelever front wheel guide with a flex element and the revised EVO Paralever rear wheel guide enhance steering precision and ride stability. The weight reduction of 12 kg compared to the previous model contributes to improved agility and handling as well.


Dynamic Suspension Adjustment (DSA)


The new electronic Dynamic Suspension Adjustment (DSA) takes ride comfort to the next level. It dynamically adapts damping and spring rate, compensating for load variations. This ensures a unifying riding experience across various terrains, promoting safety, performance, and comfort.


Adaptive Vehicle Height Control and Sports Suspension


For riders seeking additional customisation, the R 1300 GS offers adaptive vehicle height control, automatically adjusting the vehicle height based on the operating condition. The sports suspension, coupled with 20 mm more spring travel at the front and rear, caters specifically to off-road enthusiasts.


Innovative Lighting Technology


The R 1300 GS is equipped with state-of-the-art Matrix LED headlamps with a distinctive design, offering unparalleled clarity on the road. LED light units, including integrated turn indicators in hand protectors, provide enhanced visibility. The optional Headlight Pro features adaptive turning lights, illuminating bends based on the motorcycle's banking position.


Safety and Assistance Features


The new R 1300 GS prioritises rider safety with the Riding Assistant option, offering Active Cruise Control, Front Collision Warning, and Lane Change Warning. These features enhance overall safety and provide a convenient riding experience.


Versatility in Design


The motorcycle comes in various attractive variants, each with its own distinctive features. From the basic variant embodying essential functionality to the Triple Black model exuding a masculine attitude, the GS Trophy variant emphasising sporty off-road riding, to the Option 719 Tramuntana variant showcasing exclusivity and technical sophistication, riders can choose a model that aligns with their personality.




The BMW R 1300 GS marks a new era in adventure riding, pushing the boundaries of performance, design, and technology. As we look forward to its arrival on Indian roads, riders can look forward to a motorcycle that not only embodies the spirit of exploration but also sets a benchmark for innovation in the world of touring enduros. With its powerful engine, cutting-edge features, and iconic design, the R 1300 GS invites riders to embrace the thrill of the journey like never before.


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