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Article: Pick the right exhaust upgrade for your bike

Pick the right exhaust upgrade for your bike

Pick the right exhaust upgrade for your bike

To ride a motorcycle well one must truly understand it. And to achieve it’s optimum performance, one must tune and tweak to desire. While for some riders stock parts and performance is enough, some others like to kick it up a notch by installing aftermarket upgrades. 

A motorcycle modification can be a cosmetic one or a performance one. A cosmetic modification changes the look of the motorcycle to an extent but does not make any functional difference in its performance. Performance modifications on the other hand are those made to parts that affect the way the motorcycle performs. Exhaust modifications are one such impacting a bike’s performance.

 vance & hines motorcycle exhausts

Exhaust systems in motorcycles are used to remove the used air/fuel, or exhaust, from the engine, from under the motorcycle to the back of the vehicle. Pipe length, diameter, radius of bends, muffler volume and internal baffle design all affect performance. Rpm range, performance get compromisedif a pipe is too long, too short, too small or too big in diameter for a given engine size. An optimized exhaust system achieves a balance of pressure between the engine's intake and exhaust tracts within a given rpm range.The AIR (Air Injection Reaction) system and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system are part of the exhaust and emission control systems.


A free flowing exhaust system and air cleaner are typically the first two components replaced when improving performance, but no component arouses more passion from a biker than the exhaust system, because it makes a dual statement through the bike’s sound and visual identity.There are definite benefits to installing an aftermarket exhaust in your motorcycle. It is usually lighter than the default factory-fitted exhaust, thereforehelps in shedding weight. Also an aftermarket exhaust can add a lot of raw torque and horsepower to a vehicle.

Team HNP brings to you a list of exhausts from Vance and Hines, Cobra and S&S Cycles in-trend this season. These aftermarket upgrades with their sleek and superior look are just the mods you need this summer.

Vance & Hines ShortShots Staggered (Sportster):

Vance & Hines ShortShots Staggered(Sportster)

A timeless classic with an aggressive hot rod sound and sleek one-piece full coverage heat shield. The Shortshots Staggered are hands down the best value you can find in an exhaust system. These exhausts come with two optional quiet baffles and all-round protective heat sheets. Shortshots Staggered Black comes standard with louvred-core with Signature Twin Slash End Treatment that is specific to Vance and Hines.

Cobra Slip-on:

Cobra 3" Slip-on Mufflers - Sportster

Cobra slip-ons are amongst the most value-packed products out there. Slip-on exhausts have all the sound and style benefits of a full system, however they do not impact the performance of the motorcycle as much. Since the mid pipe and head pipe remain stock, not much weight is reduced in the process. And unlike a full system exhaust, a slip-on exhaust doesn’t increase horsepower.

If all you’re really looking for is awesome sound and style without having to install a jet kit or a fuel controller, then the slip-on is the best choice for you. Slip-on exhausts are easy to install, by simply removing the stock muffler, slipping on the new one and tightening some clamps. Cobra has something to offer for all three types of motorcycles - Dynas’, Sportsters’ and Softtails’ such as the Cobra Speedster Short Swept - Softail, Cobra Speedster Shorts RPT - Sportster.

S&S Cycles:

s&s cycle

Started in 1958, S&S Cycles is probably one of the leading producers of bike parts in the world. S&S cycles bring to the table a number of air intake cleaner kits along with the S&S Grand National Slip-on Mufflers - Street 500/750. This slip-on muffler is made for the 2014-2018 Harley Davidson Street XG500 and XG750 and the black ceramic finish matches the stock header pipe to give a complete and consummate look. These mufflers enhance the horsepower by 10.5 pc and torque by 19.8 pc. Coming from a company that specializes in producing parts for race motorcycles, these mufflers also come with race inspired sound and optional quiet baffles. Available at very reasonable price points, these mufflers will surely get you the look along with the performance points.


Whether it be slip-on mufflers or full system exhausts, a change of look can be very satisfying and refreshing to many. If you haven't tried any of these upgrades yet, get your hands on one of these aftermarket upgrades and get those looks you’ve always wanted!





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