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Article: Riding Tips for Short Riders - By Sarah Kashyap, Cross Country Rallyist

Riding Tips for Short Riders - By Sarah Kashyap, Cross Country Rallyist

Riding Tips for Short Riders - By Sarah Kashyap, Cross Country Rallyist

I’m 5 feet tall, with shoes on! Yet there’s never been a day when I believed there was any motorcycle I couldn’t ride, not matter what shape or size. I learned the required skills and hopped on the bike of my choice.


Today I’m in a position to share some tips and techniques that work best for me when riding big motorcycles. Though some of them may sound like a motivation lesson, but trust me, that’s all there’s to it. If I can do it, so can you! 


1. It’s okay to Tip-toe

It’s completely ok if you can’t do the horse riding / cycling technique to hop onto your motorcycle.


The idea is to get the balance right. Make sure you do your own trial and error to find that ‘balance point’ on the motorcycle. Sliding off the seat to each side is a great practice technique too.


2. Build Balance

A motorcycle is nothing but an ergonomically correct piece of equipment. The minute you crack the code, the fear of height and weight goes away.


It takes time and practice and won’t come overnight, but once you build your balance, you can pass through any obstacle on any motorcycle, with ease and finesse.


3. It’s not the size of the dog in a fight; It’s the size of the fight in the dog!

I told you this would partly be a motivation lesson! Don’t you agree though?


However small you may be, if you have the passion to ride and have trained well, you’re ready to take on anything!


4. The weight is all-in-the-mind

Just remember, you don’t have to ride the bike by lifting it on your shoulders. The bike rides itself. You just manoeuvre it. For that, you don’t need muscles.

You need skills. And as I said before, it’s okay to tip-toe!


5. Learn Skills - Run-and-hop on!

My favourite technique for climbing onto big bikes is the run-and-hop technique. Remember how we used to climb on big bicycles as kids? It’s exactly that. Just that with age, the fear of falling sets in our mind.


However, with some practice this tip can come really handy on a motorcycle. 


6. Always look where you want to go

Sight changes the whole dynamic. Trust me, if you’re looking at a pothole, you’ll go and hit the pothole.


You look at the exit and that’s where your body will go automatically!


7. Confidence is the key

Many people will come and tell you that you shouldn’t ride big bikes. Or ask you to modify the bike to your size!


But always remember, that the size of the bike has got nothing to do with you riding it! Learn the skills and you’ll be just fine.



8. Never believe anyone who says you can’t do it!

Last but not the least; believe in only yourself and not the naysayers. Make yourself a little checklist of skills you want to learn on your bike, say a wheelie, and give yourself a timeline.


Start working backwards from it and you’ll see that sooner than later you’d have nailed it!

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