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Article: Top 5 picks of retro style helmets

Top 5 picks of retro style helmets

Top 5 picks of retro style helmets

The first piece of protective gear that a rider usually buys is a helmet.  Although protection is and ought to remain the most important factor in one’s helmet choice, the look of the helmet certainly matters too. After all it’s like a crown adorned and displayed for the world to see! There are many types of helmets available in the market for a rider to choose from depending on his/her motorcycle and riding style - full-face, modular or open-face; sporty, adventure or retro style. 

With a growing trend of scramblers and café racer bikes in India, the helmet style most suited for these are retro style helmets. These are also the best fit for the classic Royal Enfield look. Team HNP has curated a list of retro style helmets that not only perform well on protection, but also score high on the style quotient-  


1. Bell Custom 500: Very distinct from the other open-face helmets in the market, the Bell Custom 500 stands out for its low profile fitment, thanks to 5 unique shell sizes providing personalized and compact fit.

Bell Custom 500 Helmet

At approx 1 kg this helmet is super light, which along with plush micro suede interior featuring contrast stitching makes it very comfortable to ride in. The leather D-ring on the strap makes it easy to use even while wearing gloves. Integrated 5 snap pattern for shields and visors gives you room to play with several kinds of visors. The Custom 500 is truly an original classic. 


2. Bell Moto 3: Undoubtedly the funkiest helmet available in the market, the Bell Moto 3 offers a unique balance of enduro styling with modern safety under the hood. It has a fiberglass composite construction maximizing protection without upsetting the retro feel of the timeless lid.

Bell Moto 3 Helmet

One of the most recognizable and iconic helmets in the history of motorcycling, its original design has existed for over 40 years now and has inspired many a knock-offs (some even by established manufacturers!). The helmet design allows for any kind of strap-on glasses to protect the eyes. Front vents allow for airflow, although ventilation is not a problem because of the large visual port. The Bell Moto 3 is a blind choice for the hipsters out there!


3. Bell Bullit series:  Unique and iconic, the Bell Bullit is inspired by the legendry Bell star helmets of the 60’s and 70’s but with a modern design best described as ‘retro-future’.

Bell Bullitt Helmet

With genuine leather interiors, multiple shield options for customization, this DOT and ECE certified helmet is a modern classic and most appropriate for riders looking for the protection of a full-face helmet with a retro look and feel. 


4. Bell Riot: Elemental form meets modern versatility in this helmet. The Bell Riot helmet offers all the class-leading features of the Custom 500 and throws in the everyday practicality of an attached face shield.

Bell Riot Helmet

The Bell Riot is purposeful, minimalist, yet pure and functional in form. A timeless style with a modern twist in the attached, flip up windscreen make this one a true original. With 5 unique fiberglass composite shell sizes for a compact personal fit, and DOT/ECE certification, the Riot is taking over a street near you!



5. Bell Rogue: One of the most stylish helmets ever to hit the market, the Bell Rogue combines raw attitude and real-world practicality in one badass helmet! With the look of a half-face helmet, the fit of a 3/4th helmet and an aggressive muzzle shielding the face and jaw, the Rogue will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

Bell Rogue Helmet

The removable, completely adjustable muzzle uses the Fitlock technology and cannot be removed once locked in. The design has enough room to fit regular sunglasses under the lid or fit adjustable riding glasses over the helmet. If you liked Bane from Batman you will love this helmet, for the ideal look on choppers or naked bikes.

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