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Adventure-Touring is finally coming of age in India, with riders exploring new biking routes across the length and breadth of the country. This surge in adventure-touring has also led to bikers understanding the importance of protective riding gear, especially touring jackets. A good touring jacket ought to be weather-resistant, and be functional to provide easy access to equipment and belongings without getting off your bike or diving into your luggage. 


Top picks for Touring Jackets

Here are Team HNP’s top picks for touring jackets appropriate for the Indian riding conditions:


1. Rev’it! Sand 3 Jacket – Much revered, the Rev’it! Sand 3 is undoubtedly a top of the line 3-4 season adventure touring jacket. Functional and comfortable, the jacket has a lightweight and durable polyester ripstop construction with seamless armpit panel design that ensures comfort and freedom of movement - essential for adventure riding. Protection comes in the form of a fully removable waterproof liner and a thermal liner, and Rev’it!’s proprietary SeeFlex CE Level 2 armour at the shoulders and elbows.

Rev’it! Sand 3 Jacket


You can add a Seesoft back protector for a quick upgrade. The molly web system on the shoulders and at the front enables a rider to hang accessories from the jacket itself. All this makes the Rev’it! Sand 3 a Swiss army knife of riding jackets and a must-have for all riders.


2. Rev’it! Levante jacket – The Rev’it! Levante is a 3-season mesh jacket that really beats the heat, making it very suitable for Indian riding conditions. One of the most recommended jackets for the sports-touring or adventure-touring bikers, Rev’it! Levante sports a sophisticated look with clean cuts and design, and an exterior construction that’s waterproof yet very breathable. A single inner liner doubles up as rain protection and a warm thermal liner. Its spacious pockets give you that extra room needed for keeping small accessories handy on a long ride and also double up as hand warmers in the cold.

Rev’it! Levante jacket


A rabbit pocket at the back of the jacket can easily store your liner as well. The rolled collar along with 5 collar positions makes the jacket extremely comfortable. A flap on both sides of the jacket allows the rider to tighten the jacket at the bottom to avoid bunching up while riding in an upright seating position. 


3. Oxford Quebec - The Oxford Quebec is an adventure-style jacket. Waterproof and extremely comfortable, this jacket makes a solid impression. It comes with a rain liner with rain seal technology ensuring the rider’s comfort in unpredictable weather. It’s well suited for cold riding conditions thanks to the 100mg warm liner. Air vents at the front and back and the mesh make this a very breathable piece of gear, ensuring ventilation all across the jacket. 


Oxford Quebec Jacket

CE level armour in the shoulders and elbows ensures utmost protection to the vital parts, while Ripstop on shoulders, upper arms and back of the arms adds to the protection. External armour pockets in the elbows make the protection less likely to move in the event of a spill. And the arm adjustment straps ensure the jacket fits the rider well. It comes with a back protector pocket for riders who want to go the extra mile and fit back armour. 

4. Oxford Subway jacket- The Oxford Subway is a truly waterproof jacket, covered with WP membrane throughout that ensures water doesn’t enter the jacket. It comes equipped with storm flaps and a rain gutter system to ensure the rider, as well as the belongings, remain dry. The lack of requirement of a rain liner itself makes this a very suitable touring jacket.


Oxford Subway jacket

Two vents at the front similar to the Quebec ensure ventilation and breathability throughout the jacket. The jacket has adjustment points on both the waist and arms to ensure a snug fit. Even the suede collar around the neck comes with neoprene making it a luxuriously comfortable jacket. The Subway comes with a back pocket for CE back protectors, which are easily available in the market separately. At the price the Subway is available for, it truly makes a good buy.

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