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There’s no disputing the fact that a good quality helmet is the most important piece of protective gear that any rider must invest in. There are so many styles of helmets out there to suit different riders and riding styles.

Top Picks of Track Helmets

For the growing breed of racetrack enthusiasts, here are Team HNP’s top picks of helmets for those with sports bikes and most suited for the day at the racetrack- 


1. Bell Race Star - The Bell Race Star helmet is designed specially for the track enthusiast and sport rider, ideal for the three quarter or tuck position. The 3K carbon fiber shell gives the helmet a super lightweight profile while maximizing protection. The Flex impact liner, made up of three different layers of EPS, provides an angular flex to the helmet liner protecting the rider from all angles. The 3-layered liner also provides an energy management system in case of a crash, wherein the 3 different layers are engaged for protection depending on the severity of the crash.

Bell Race Star helmet

The Magnefusion cheek pads are magnet based and easily removable. The cheek pads have anti microbial, wicking and cooling properties for rider comfort. Thorough wind tunnel testing optimizes the helmet’s airflow so as to offer a quieter ride while maintaining good ventilation. The Race Star shield is a Class one, optically corrected, distortion-free shield with Maxvision pinlock or photochromatic options to choose from. The Panovision viewport system offers added range of visibility via cutaways on both sides enabling the rider to have a better field of view during head-checks or in the tucked position. 


2. Bell Star Series -
Bell Star series helmets are suitable for aggressive street and sport riding while also being certified for track use. They combine the comfort and riding characteristics of a touring helmet with race-bred aerodynamics and performance. The aerodynamic design comes with 6 intakes and 8 exhausts and is significantly quieter to ride in than previous versions.

Bell Star series helmets

The shell is made up of multi density EPS making the helmet Snell and DOT certified and offering optimum protection to the rider. The Panovision system offers a greater range of visibility to perform head checks or while switching lanes while in the tucked position. The helmet comes with an X-static liner that is clinically proven to have anti-bacterial and odor protection properties. The snap on cheek pads also comes with an emergency removal system making it easier to tend to the rider in case of a crash. 


3. Bell RS-2 - The Bell RS-2 helmet takes the base DNA of the legendary Bell RS-1 with improvements on a number of parameters to deliver a newer, improved performance product. The helmet is most suitable for riding in the tucked down or three-fourths position. Its fiberglass construction makes the helmet much lighter, while the 3-layer EPS system provides maximum protection.

Bell RS-2 helmet

Available in three different shell sizes for that perfect fit, the RS-2 also comes with a drop down sun visor giving the rider more comfort during sunny rides. The helmet is lined with Bell’s X-Static silver liner imparting anti microbial and wicking properties to the liner. The chinstrap comes equipped with the Magnefusion locking mechanism. The helmet has 10mm ridges in the shell allowing for lots of airflow while the vents regulate the amount of airflow. The neck roll is significantly larger and helps reduce wind noise while proving heat and comfort to the rider.


4. Bell SRT - The Bell SRT helmet has a sporty look and is suitable for the upright riding position. The helmet has a fiberglass shell making it much lighter than the others. The chin and top vents of the helmet provide good ventilation while passing air across the shield helping in defogging.

Bell SRT helmet

The helmet shield is Class one optically corrected and the helmet is designed keeping in mind the Panovision system, allowing the rider to have a greater field of view. It also comes equipped with an internal sun visor that can be operated from a cable on the left side. The cheek pads are easily removable and have antimicrobial, wicking properties. The helmet also has a recession for installing communication systems or speakers. 

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