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Article: Understanding Riding Boots And Their Safety Features

Understanding Riding Boots And Their Safety Features

Understanding Riding Boots And Their Safety Features

Riding Boots And Their Safety Features


Motorcycle boots are engineered to perform two specific tasks – keep the feet protected during crashes and be comfortable enough to ride or walk in for long durations. In addition, they need to be styled such as to complement the rest of riding apparel one might wear. The style & comfort objectives are mostly at crossheads with the other design objective - that of rider safety. As a result, for the majority of motorcycle boots, it’s a buying choice which varies between these two extreme decision points.

Purpose built motorcycle boots from leading brands tend to be more expensive than simple fashion boots which one might buy in a traditional shoe store. This is not all brand hype but there are genuine reasons for the higher price tag. Some of the reasons are –

  • use of technical materials to increase torsional stiffness,
  • oil or slip resistant soles, molded ankle protectors
  • built in shifter pads (if concealed then may not be so obvious)

Other specialized features  which may not be so obvious unless explained -

  • double or triple seam stitching to increase strength,
  • use of  specialized abrasion resistant touch materials such as Goretex etc
  • use specialised zipper, buckles or lace mechanisms to prevent entanglement and snagging while riding

Classification of riding boots

Finally, riding boots can be differentiated based on one’s riding style choices, viz.,

  • Sports/Track Use
  • Urban
  • Retro/Classic
  • Adventure/Touring
  • A hybrid of any of the above

TCX R- S2 Evo Boots

Image: The TCX R- S2 Evo Boots from the renowned motorcycle gear brand TCX, is a brilliant example of a Sports/Race Boot with its motor flexibility and quality texture. It exudes the ‘sporty’ look while providing the protection of rugged boots.

TCX Track Evo

Image: The TCX Track Evo WP has been designed to meet the needs of the growing adventure bike market and is also suitable for off-road and light endurance riding.

TCX X-Street Denim boot

Image: The TCX X-Street Denim boot is a textile sneaker style boot is ideal for urban use. With a casual style, these boots are perfect for wearing on the street as well as on your bike.

Rev’it Rodeo Boots

Image: The Rev’it Rodeo Boots, from the famed motorcycle gear brand Rev’it, are rugged boots that can perform well in all terrains. With aggressive but comfortable fabric, they are water- repellant and are great in terms of style.

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