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Oxford Commuter X4 Fiber Optic Rear Light

Sale priceRs.5,300.00

The Oxford Commuter X4 is a rear facing light system featuring a powerful central light and fibre optic straps. It is designed to make you more visible to other road users and thereby improve your safety. The distinctive shape helps road users to judge your distance, width and speed. The fibre optic straps create a visible side profile at junctions and help HGV drivers to see you more clearly from above. The central projective light provides up to 70 lumens (dependent on setting) with 5 settings, including flash, fade and constant. Can either be worn over clothing or fitted to a backpack. It never has to leave your backpack or jacket and you can access all zips and pockets easily whilst in place. Its unique and adaptable fitting systems allows adjustment to fit all sizes of person with or without bulky clothing. The Oxford Commuter X4 uses a high quality lithium polymer battery and recharges using the USB lead provided. It has a durable construction and is water resistant to the IP65 standards.


  • Unique and adaptable fitting system
  • Can either be worn over clothing or fitted to a backpack
  • Fits over most everyday backpacks (typically up to 35 Litres Capacity)
  • Independently controlled central LED and fibre optic strap lights
  • Powerful central rear light with 5 modes and up to 70 lumens of light output
  • 4 red fibre optic strap lights with 3 modes and highly visible silver reflective trim
  • Visible from the rear and sides
  • USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery with charge lead provided
  • Long run time (From 3.5 to 20 Hours)
  • Water resistant construction (IP65)