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There’s a lot going on in the space of accessories for riders these days, where some products are good-to-have’s and some are absolute must-have’s. Here is our take on the 5 must-have rider accessories that will make life easier on the road-

1. Bluetooth communication Headsets: We live in a highly connected world and staying in touch (hands-free!) while being on the go makes life easy. That’s where bluetooth communication devices come super handy. They fit right into the helmet with a mic and speakers on both sides. They allow a rider to make or or receive phone calls (hands-free), listen to music, radio and GPS voice prompts. They also allow 2 or more riders to do a conference call via radio. Making it easier for riders to share their route, alert each other on road obstacles etc. The Sena 30K Bluetooth Communication headset with Mesh intercom is a great example and allows upto 16 people to connect across a range of upto 8 kms.

2. Balaclava: A balaclava is a very important rider accessory as it provides the necessary warmth and ventilation – whether riding in hot summers or chilly winters. It also helps increase the life of your helmet’s inner padding. The Rev'it! Micro Balaclava is great for long trips and all kinds of weather as it provides insulation in winters, while in summers its wicking properties absorb sweat and cool you off. Others like the Rev'it! Amazon GTX Balaclava is made of Goretex, making sure that water doesn't seep into your jacket through the collar.

3. Backpack: Rider-oriented backpacks are great for carrying your daily essentials without putting strain on the shoulders, and are an absolute must-have for daily commutes or city rides. The Icon Squad 3.0 Backpack is a great example, as it is designed to act like a chest + back armor and also has reflectors on all sides to make sure the rider is visible on the road. Carrying essentials like your laptop, first aid kit, water bottle made easy and stylish!

4. Hi-Viz Vest: We are all familiar with the perils of riding on badly lit roads in India. The motorcycle taillight is usually not sufficient for making a rider visible to other vehicles/drivers at night or in poor lighting conditions. A high visibility vest really marks your presence on the road and makes you visible from a distance, and therefore is a must-have rider accessory. 

5. Hydration pack/water bottle: Staying hydrated while riding is quite important so as to stay sharp and focused on the road. That’s why we recommend that you always carry a hydration pack or water bottle in your backpack.

We would love to hear your suggestions on other essential rider accessories, so write in to us in the comments section. Safe Riding!


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