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Article: Bell Star series helmets : Setting new Gold Standards

Bell Star series helmets : Setting new Gold Standards
Bell Helmets

Bell Star series helmets : Setting new Gold Standards

Helmets have come a long way from just being round shaped polycarbonate helmets, to class leading Bell Star series. In India, the majority is unaware of the tech and features used in helmets and fail to understand the importance of investing in a good helmet.

Today we will be talking about Bell's star series, that comprises of 3 variants, each packed with enough features that we had to write a dedicated blog for them!

Bell Star being the entry level helmet, Race star mid level and Pro star for the highest level. Currently, Race star and Pro star are the safest helmets one can purchase in the market.

1: Bell's Flex technology : Both Race Star and Pro Star come with Bell's Flex technology which sets them apart from their competition.

These are the only helmets on the market that account for slow, mid and high speed impacts with their EPO, EPP & EPS construction. Traditional multi-density EPS is inherently hard and transfers more energy than softer EPP and EPO in slower and mid-speed impacts. and again these are the only street helmet on the market with a 5 mm slip zone built in between the EPO and EPP to address rotational energy management.

2: Shell Composition : Bell Pro star is the only helmet currently which comes with Textreme carbon fiber shell, which is the highest grade for and 20% lighter than what competition uses. It's beautiful wide area weave makes it stand out and is used in F1 cars and Speed boats.

Race star uses 3K carbon fiber shell which is still a step ahead of it's competition, while Star uses composite of Carbon Fiber, Aramid and Fiberglass.

3: Safety standards : All three helmets easily pass DOT, ECE and SNELL 2015 standards. Snell standard is known to be 40-110 % safer than DOT and ECE rating and the Flex technology takes it a step ahead.

4: Bell's Panovision eye port and class 1 optics : Bigger eye port allows you to see more of the environment around you eliminating the blind spots other helmets have. It's a must have in India where vision matters a lot! It's 12% bigger viewport than AGV Pista and 8% bigger than Shoei X-14.

The class 1 optics aid to less rider eye fatigue. Your eyes do not have to adjust and fight the distortion of a class 2 shield.

All that without the need for Pinlock visors for antifog properties as all the Bell's visors come with a fog resistant coating.

5: Ventilation : Bell is already known for ventilation which, turns out to be a boon for Indian market. Bell Star series comes with three intakes and 3 exhausts at the back. The aerodynamics furthers aid in enhanced ventilation.

6: Aerodynamics and noise levels : Bell's Star series has the lowest drag currently which makes it more stable at high speeds and quieter ride without sacrificing vents. Reduced rider neck fatigue because the rider isn’t fighting much wind resistance. The noise levels are just 2 decibels higher than the quietest helmet on the market with full blown vents.

7: Inner liner : Bell Race Star and Pro Star come with Virus Cool Jade fabric that stays 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler at ambient temperature but because of the Jade that is infused into the fabric along anti microbial and anti-bacterial properties that are infused at the molecular level so they never wear out or dissipate. Rest typically use a spray or dip treatment on their fabric which tends to wear out over time and their anti-microbial & antibacterial properties stop working.

Bell Star doesn't get the cooling effects of Jade, but still has rest two features.

8: Shell sizes and Fit : Currently Bell Star series helmets are the only ones available with 5 shell sizes, meaning almost every size has it's own shell size and not just the inner liner adjusted for fitment. This aids to a more accurate fitment and keeping helmet profile and weight accurate to it's size.

9: Other notable features : Class leading 5 years warranty to start with, Bell Race Star and Pro Star helmets come with Magnetic cheekpads to make it easier to remove and install. Bell’s exclusive Magnafusion magnetic strap keeper makes flapping strap ends a thing of the past.

Bell is the oldest helmet manufacturer in the world and by incorporating their tech from motocross helmets into street-able package, they have upped their game.
Stay tuned for more upcoming models in near future.

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