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7 Motorcycle Tools


“No one can take better care of your motorcycle than you” – there are many in our country who might entrust this job to their friendly neighbourhood dealer, but the truth world over is that one is not a real biker if you can’t get your hands dirty and fix at least minor issues on your bike.

In any case, you are probably missing out on half the fun of motorcycling if you are not handy with tools and the habit of showering TLC on your beloved possession.

The objective of this article is to help yoyu get started with what we consider an essential tool set. The list is not intended to be exhaustive but should be seen as just one of the many starting points.

1. Multi-Tool Kit

A small compact tool kit with allen wrench, hex keys, multi bit screwdriver, pliers is the first item on the list and an absolute must have for any work to be done on a motorcycle.  Cross check with your motorcycle’s owner or workshop manual to verify that the kit addresses commonly used nut and bit sizes.

For advanced users, consider adding a torque socket wrench to your collection.

Oxford Biker’s Tool Kit
Image: Oxford Biker’s Tool Kit

2. Motorcycle paddock stand

Most modern motorbikes come with only a side stand, therefore to perform tasks such as cleaning and lubing the chain or anything where the bike needs to be upright and in a stable condition, a paddock stand is a must have accessory.

Oxford Premium Rear Paddock Stand
Image: Oxford Premium Rear Paddock Stand

3. Tyre Care Kit

A very specific area of bike maintenance is the ability to take care of your motorbike’s tyres to ensure not just a long life of tyres but also to ensure maximum safety while riding.

An Air Pump, a Tyre Pressure Gauge and a Puncture Repair Kit are  must have to take good care of the rubbers.

Air pumps are of many types, 12V battery operated type as well as mechanically operated ones.  Mechanical ones are considered more reliable than the 12V version.

Tyre pressure gauge come with digital as well as analog displays. For tubeless tyres, choose a puncture repair kit with mushroom plugs.

Avoid the cheap strip type puncture repair kits used by roadside car puncture repair shops. They can be absolutely disastrous on a motorbike tyre at high speeds.

Slime Compact Tyre Inflator Air Pump
Image: Slime Compact Tyre Inflator Air Pump
Slime Digital Gauge
Image: Slime Digital Gauge

4. Battery Charger

If you are a weekend warrior or there are long gaps in your motorbike riding pattern, then a good quality Battery charger is an essential device in any bikers garage to keep your motorcycle battery in top shape.

Oxford 900 Essential Battery Management System
Image: Oxford 900 Essential Battery Management System

5. Grunge Brush

A grunge brush is a wonderful aid to help keep your motorcycle chain in top shape for a long time.

Oxford Grunge Brush
Image: Oxford Grunge Brush

6. Accessories

In addition to above tools. here is a suggested list of items which do not necessary qualify as tools but can prove really handy in times of emergency on the road –

  • Duct Tape
  • Steel Wire
  • Plastic Tie Clips,
  • a multipurpose Spray can (e.g. the very versatile WD40)

Versatile WD40.png

7. Miscellaneous Items

If you are the kind who likes to ride into the great wide open, every now and then  here is a mix of knick knacks which one is likely to find in every seasoned tourer’s tool kit:

  • Mini torch
  • Multifunctional knife
  • Nitrile gloves,
  • Bungee cords   


Oxford Bungee Cord
Image: Oxford Bungee Cord

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