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Riding is something that many are passionate about and it is something that is very religiously upheld by the people of India. The young and old alike love bikes, biking accessories as well as the feel you get on a bike. Biking is as much a passion as a need in India; people view it as a very interesting sport as well as a thing of necessity. Day to day travel is mostly done on bikes in this country.

Now, when it comes to biking, accidents are like second nature. Accidents are the flip side of the sport which involves high speeds, acceleration as well as a whole lot of slipping and sliding. But, what does one do about this? No, you can’t just prevent accidents altogether. Nor can you stop biking or riding if it is indeed your passion. The only measure to be taken then is to wear adequate gear.

Protective riding gear including motorcycle jackets, motorcycle gloves etc. help protect the rider from getting hurt and so it is essential that a rider have the optimum quality riding gear which protects them from wear and any kind of injury.

When riding a bike, one of the most essential accessories are motorcycle gloves. Buying riding gloves is a decision to be made cautiously. Let’s look at a few things that should be kept in mind while buying gloves:



The gloves should always fit well. While they should be tight enough to stay on even when there is any kind of impact or friction, they should also be spacious enough to give your fingers room to breathe. The fit should have the provision for being tight enough but still be roomy.



 Another thing which is important when it comes to purchasing motorcycle gloves in India is that it has to feel comfortable. The liner inside has to feel like second skin or else the grip of the glove will not provide for a strong enough grip.

For this purpose, it is important that we remember that one should ensure that there is neither too much liner nor too little by testing it out on a handle bar.


Features and material

 Now, zippers for flexibility, vents for the passing of air etc. should be ensured while choosing gloves. They should have additional features such as Velcro etc to adjust according to your wrist and ensure if the gloves have enough length to provide added protection in the event of an accident.


Material and construction

 Another important point to consider is what kind of material the gloves are made of. In order to keep the rider’s hands safe from bruises, scratches or even fractures, the material of the gloves must be have a rough exterior.

The seams should be firmly stitched and allow for hassle free movement of fingers while riding so that blood flow is not obstructed. Consider if it is made of leather, rexin or some other synthetic material.


Generally, gloves are used in order to avoid slippery hands on the handlebar but high end motorcycle gloves in India retailed through by High Note Performance can also help achieve optimum results as protective gear.

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