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You must have heard by now that Moto GP is coming to India. The fact that the premier track motorcycle racing event in the world is coming to India is a big a deal for Indian motorsport for so many reasons, and here are five reasons that you should be excited for it.

Moto GP motorcycles are like no other machines

The motorcycles that are raced in Moto GP are prototypes. That means these are one-off motorcycles built just to go racing. The engines are all built just for this purpose, and each manufacturer has their own preferred way of making them. Things are so secretive that even the total power output is kept a secret, but it’s not secret that the Ducati engine is the most powerful on the grid, due to its sheer raw speed on the straights. The fact that we will at least get to see these motorcycles is a big plus in itself.

International riding culture

The riding culture in India is at its very nascent stages right now. Therefore, the addition of Moto GP to the Indian motorsport calendar will act as a big boost for the riding culture in India. It could also result in a bigger focus on motorcycle training in India, which can not only help turn out high level racers, but will also up the overall safety levels on Indian roads.

Fans get to meet their idols

There is no dearth of Moto GP fans in India, and while some might have met their racing idols at race tacks outside the country, the fact that Moto GP is being held in India will only allow more people to go face-to-face with their racing idols. It will not only be a wonderful moment, but could also spur budding racers to work hard, hone their craft, so that one day then can compete at the highest levels of motorcycle racing.

Government aid

It’s the first time that the Indian government has voluntarily stepped in to host a motorsport event in India. The Uttar Pradesh government is backing the entire 2023 Moto GP race, and with government aid, it is expected that the event will be organised with the highest standard. In the future, the same aid could be shown towards domestic motorsport events as well, which would make it easier for racers to rise through the ranks.

More track days

The Moto GP event could spur motorsport entities to host more track days at the Buddh International Circuit, which would make the more accessible for the average person. That would make riding on the track more accessible to people, allowing more people to get into motorcycle racing!

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