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Can’t seem to scratch that riding itch. Well, here are the best routes in the northern part of the country, before the winter sets in for good.


Ask any motorcycle rider if they are up for a ride and the answer will usually be yes. However, as the winter starts to set in and the temperature in the northern parts of the country begins to plummet, conditions will start becoming worse for riding. So, if you are living in Delhi/NCR and would like to head out to the hills for one last ride before winter sets in, have a look at the list below to find out the suitable routes in the region.

Khardung La - We are getting this one out of the way first. Khardung La is considered a pilgrimage among the rider community, and every year when the region opens, you will see hordes of riders headed that way. It is, after all, the highest motorable road in the world. Apart from the destination, the sights along the way are magnificent. Much of the Leh-Ladakh region has not been defiled by humankind yet. September is the last month to complete this journey in comfortable weather. By the end of the month, the temperature in the region plummets. Also, many roads are blocked due to snowfall from mid-October onwards.

Spiti - This is another great destination that is still relatively unexplored by riders. Khardung La and Spiti have the same route up till Rohtang Pass, after which riders will have to take a diversion in the road to head to Spiti. While Khardung La is no piece of cake either, the way to Spiti is one of the toughest in the region. It will bring you extreme joy if you choose to do this on an off-roading motorcycle, rather than say a sportbike. The road to Spiti gets dangerous in the night and early hours of the morning as black ice can form on certain passes that are situated at a high altitude, so plan your travel accordingly. There is another route to Spiti from Shimla, that is relatively open to an extent throughout the year and will be better suited for those looking to ride down to Spiti on their sportbikes or Supersports for that matter.

Munsyari - This is one that not many people will have heard off. Munsyari is a small collection of villages in Uttarakhand that has some excellent mountain roads that motorcycle riders will appreciate. The scenery is breath-taking with lush green views around every corner. What’s more, this ride is not as taxing as the Khardung La and Spiti rides and won’t make you exhaust all your annual leaves in one go!. It is a little less than 600km from Delhi, and it will not take you more than a day to get to your destination. While Munsyari will not get blocked off due to snowfall, it is not a good idea to head there in peak winters as it being a mountainous area, the temperature will plummet during the December and January months.

North East - This one is a little generic and a lot more time consuming than any other destination on the list. However, the North-East is one of the most untouched parts of the country, one that continues to wow us with its raw beauty that has remained unchanged over the years. There are several destinations one can choose to visit in the North-East. Shillong is on the top of the list, and you can choose to carry on east after that, checking out the sights in Nagaland on the way, before heading to Arunachal Pradesh. The beauty of the North-East is that no matter which place you decide to visit; the view is always spectacular. Once the winter sets in, the temperatures plummet quite seriously with the North-East being a mostly mountainous region.

Bhutan - So this one is another country but don’t start reaching for your passport just yet. Indian citizens can crossover into Bhutan only using their Voter ID cards. Oh, and the roads are truly marvellous. They are long, winding and wide and the best of them all, the tarmac is well-surfaced. This one will tick all the right boxes for motorcycle riders, no matter what kind of motorcycle you ride. You do need to get permissions for yourself and your bike once you enter Bhutan, but all the relevant offices are in each other’s vicinity, right at the border town of Phuntsholing. Bhutan gets severely cold in the winters, so it is a good idea to visit this mountainous country before winter truly sets in.

No matter where you head out for that one last ride before winter truly sets in, do not forget to use the proper touring gear. Add relevant layers to keep the cold out with most touring gear having the option of adding in an extra liner.

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