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The word jacket is almost synonymous with the word biker. Every biker has a ‘jacket story’, where every crease, tear and patch is a testament to the many tales of adventure that bikers experience. It’s amazing what emotions bikers associate with a piece of fabric. Yet again to ardent and passionate bikers, these bike riding jackets signifies so much more. A sport bike jacket is an important biking accessory and one that should be chosen with utmost care. Your bike riding jacket can after all become the stuff of legends.

While choosing your street bike jacket keep in mind that material is truly important to your needs. Depending on your bike routes, weather conditions and the unpredictability of elements, the type of jacket you need will vary. So while a jacket has many benefits, picking one that meets your specific biking needs can make a world of a difference. Now that we have that covered, let’s delve into the many advantages of investing in a good quality sport bike jacket.

  1. Style - Didn't expect this, did you? Style is important. There is an image you represent as a biker, one that inspires and motivates people to chase their dreams. So a shabby, ill-fitted bike riding jacket will not work for you. A jacket should represent your personality on the road. This makes it all the more essential to invest in a stylish jacket, which fits well and has a modern design. Well-designed jackets can make a world of a difference. If you like, you can also add splashes of colour to your street bike jacket too. Streaks of reds, yellows, deep greens and blues are always in trend and will make you look stylish through your adventure. Also, an underrated benefit of such colours is that they make you visible to other riders, and add an element of safety to your ride.
  2. Hygiene & Protection - Practically you won’t get a chance to wash or rinse your bike riding jacket while on the road. While dust and a bit of dirt are common, you want your jacket to withstand stronger obstacles. Flying debris, small twigs or sludge can cause wear and tear of your jacket. For shorter trips, you can opt for a basic jacket, but for longer journeys, it's your street bike jacket that will offer utmost protection from the elements. High absorption and heat resistant jackets are especially great for such journeys. Also, certain fabrics are easy to breathe and keep you feeling fresh despite the miles. This is important since you will want to feel comfortable and protected throughout the ride.
  3. Injury Protection - While we discussed the role of street bike jackets in protecting you from the elements, it also protects you from accidents. While on the road anything can happen and minor accidents are a part of the biker life that most bikers are prepared for. This does not mean that you can’t protect your body against injury. A good, layered sport bike jacket with external armour will reduce the impact you feel in case of any mishaps. High-quality jackets even protect your arms and shoulders from chafing and abrasions in case you fall off the bike. This is a core benefit that necessitates the use of a bike riding jacket.

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