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A motorcycle crash. It’s that dreaded moment every motorcyclist fear, and most go through at least once. Some more minor than others, but what you do immediately after motorcycle crash is of great importance. Here’s five things you should keep in mind, if you are ever faced with this scenario.

Get yourself to safety first

In the heat of the moment, you might not feel an injury to one of your limbs, so it’s best to make sure your feet can support your weight and your hands are fine. Continue to make sure you haven’t received any impacts to the head or chest region, and once you have determined you can move, move off to the side out of the way of oncoming traffic. Don’t hang back, especially on a busy road, to check on your motorcycle.

Safety First -

Sit down, catch your breath

Once on the side out of the way of traffic, take a few deep breaths and then check yourself for any injuries, a bit more thoroughly this time. Wounds that require immediate attention can often be missed immediately after a motorcycle crash. Do not drink water if you have suffered an impact to your head, until cleared by a medical professional.

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Check on the motorcycle

Only once you have completed the above two steps and have determined that you are objectively okay to move about, check on the motorcycle. Do not go near the motorcycle if petrol has leaked out of the tank, as it can ignite upon contact with the hot engine or exhaust. If this is the case, wait for emergency services. Otherwise, hit the kill switch on the motorcycle, and if possible, move it to a side out of the way of traffic, with the help of people. Do not attempt to move a heavy motorcycle by yourself after an accident, as it can further any injury you might have suffered.

Take pictures and arrange a tow

You should take pictures of the scene and your motorcycle as these can come handy later on when dealing with insurance claims. If your motorcycle cannot be ridden home, you should probably call a towing service to get it there. This all should be done after you have dispensed with all your legal duties, if any, and helping anybody else affected in the situation the required medical help.

Get yourself checked out

Even if you were able to spring back up after a motorcycle crash, it is highly recommended that you get yourself checked out at a hospital after a motorcycle accident. This way, any minor injuries with the potential to worsen over time can be nipped in the butt, and the doctors can also clear you of any immediate issues like a concussion.

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