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Riding in the winter is not for everyone. The cold chilly air, the snow beneath your tyres and the general amount of stress you put on your body when riding in the cold. To make things a tad bit easier, there are winter riding jackets and Rev’it! makes a bunch of them to keep you comfortable when the going gets colder, but you do not want to stop. So, if you plan on crossing some snowy passes in this winter riding season, we recommend you look at these top four riding jackets by Rev’it! to keep you snug and cozy on your motorcycle - and protected!

Rev’it! Sand 4 H2O Jacket

You should be looking at the Sand 4 H2O jacket by Rev’it! if you like seeing the world on your motorcycle. Typically reserved for ADV riders, the Sand 4 cuts down on a lot of weight that comes when you wear an ADV jacket. You get Seeflex CE level 2 protectors for the elbow and shoulders, and there is space for split chest protectors and a back protector as well. The chest and back protectors will have to be bought separately though. There are separate rain and thermal liners which can be individually attached. Overall, the Sand 4 is for those who like to tour a lot on their motorcycles.

 Rev’it! Sand 4 H2O Jacket -


Rev’it! Offtrack Jacket

The Offtrack jacket is meant for those who do a lot of their riding standing up as well. That doesn’t mean you won’t be comfortable sitting down - it’s one jacket that does both things quite well. As far as insulation goes, there are two liners that come with the jacket - thermal and rain. They can attach and detached individually so you can configure things down to the ‘T’ according to the conditions at hand. In chilly and wet conditions, Rev’it! recommends putting on both the liners and closing the vents. The elbows and shoulders come with CE level 2 protection, and there is space for back protector as well as a chest protector. You will have to buy them separately though. 

Rev’it! Offtrack Jacket -


Rev’it! Tornado 3 Jacket

The Tornado series of jackets have been around for long, and in its third-gen iteration, this jacket just keeps getting more and more versatile. It makes use of a single attachment that works as an insulation layer in cold climate and a waterproofing membrane in rainy conditions, and when the two meet, it just makes things that much easier. Not only that, the Tornado 3 is not simply a winter jacket, but can be used in other seasons as well due to its mesh construction. Rev’it! The jacket also comes with CE level shoulder and elbow protectors. There is a compartment for a back protector as well, but that needs to be bought separately. 

Rev’it! Tornado 3 Jacket -


Rev’it! Sprint H2O Jacket

If you don’t want to be bothered to put on a liner when the rain rolls around, then you should look at the Rev’it! Sprint H2O. This jacket has a polyester outer-shell that has a Hydratex liner. What it does is keep the rain out, and allows air to pass through, maintaining a permanent state of breathability. You also have the option of attaching a thermal liner for when the weather gets chilly, and Rev’it! also offers Seesoft protection armor for the elbow and shoulders. All-in-all, the Rev’it! Sprint H2O jacket is one you should look at if you live in an area where there are frequent showers, and you don’t want to stop to put on your rain liner all the time.

Rev’it! Sprint H2O Jacket -

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