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Riding in the winter season is a task in itself, but if you wish to ride over snow and ice, you are going to have to go the extra mile to make it a safe and fun ride. So, how should you go about prepping for a ride and what precautions should you be taking when riding in snowy and icy conditions? We have listed down five points that will make it easier, and safer.

Get Proper Winter Gear

This is by far the most important point to keep in mind, when riding in snowy and icy conditions. There are many riding gear companies that make specific gear for the winter months. Ideally, you need one layer for rain, one layer to keep the wind chill at bay, and one insulating layer to conserve body heat and keep the cold out. If you look at enough options, you will find riding jackets and pants that can combine these different layers into one. Also, make sure you’re riding gloves and boots are capable of weathering similar elements. Lastly, there is no real way of weather-proofing your helmet, but make sure you have no condensation appearing on the inside so that visibility isn’t hampered while riding. A pin-lock visor is your best for this.

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Know the Route

This is another important point to keep in mind, before embarking on your snow adventure. The terrain can look completely different when decked in white, so it is important you know where you are headed. Keep visual markers in mind in such conditions, so that you don’t get lost on your way. Getting lost in the snow can cost you hours at an end, which can lead to you getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Riding On Fresh Snow

If you are riding on fresh snow, things will be easier. Fresh snow is slightly fluffy in nature and the grooves in the tire can dig into it. It however means that yours will be the first vehicle to ply over it, and that means you will be unaware of the perils that lurk beneath the snow. In certain situations, there could be fresh ice beneath the snow, which can be dangerous. It’s essentially like riding over black ice, and on ice, you have zero steering control. Therefore, move slowly and steadily when riding over fresh snow.

Riding On Compacted Snow

If you are riding in an area where other vehicles are continuously plying over snow, things immediately become different. The snow gets compacted from all the vehicles plying over it, and the grooves of the tires can no longer dig into it. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to ride in between the tire tracks of other vehicles, as the snow in the area will be relatively fresh, and that allows your tires to dig into it. Do not ride inside the tire tracks of other vehicles as it becomes harder to steer the motorcycle.

Be Patient

Riding on snow is completely different than riding on tarmac. Most actions take more time to complete on snow than on dry tarmac. Therefore, slow down on the controls of the motorcycle which will not only keep your motorcycle well-balanced, but you will also have more time to make sure you are taking the right action. Remember, slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

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