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Article: How to choose the right gear to beat the summer heat

How to choose the right gear to beat the summer heat

How to choose the right gear to beat the summer heat

motorcycle riding gears and accessories for summer

The heat has already begun to set in as the summer approaches. If you have experience with riding in the summer, you’re probably thinking of giving a break to your favorite leather jacket and probably looking around for that old half-face helmet you have but don’t use anymore.

As summer reaches its full blast, most of us do keep away our heavy-duty leather and textile riding gear and prefer to choose from lighter, mostly-unsafe options. Though these options provide style and comfort, a rider is usually compromising on safety as the rider forsakes the armored and protective riding gear, though this is not always the case. It is a common misconception that any riding gear can solve an all-season purpose but a little bit of research can go a long way in helping you out with the ideal gear suited for most of the conditions you are likely to encounter. Here are a few tips from Team HNP to help you out in choosing the right gear to beat the summer heat.



bell moto helmet

A full-face helmet isn't exactly what pops into your head when the topic of summer riding comes up, rather owing to very lenient traffic rules most riders skip this essential gear in the summers. Even when picking a helmet in the summers most riders tend to choose from half-face or modular helmets which may be open and ventilated but do not provide the basic required protection. A full-face helmet is still the way to go. It protects your eyes from the sweltering wind and the padding collects sweat and keeps the forehead dry. Most good brands such as Bell Star helmet series provide helmets with excellent ventilation making it more breathable and cool under the lid. A helmet with chin-bar openings and openings on the sides, which can be opened and closed as per your convenience, is a recommended choice.

Always wear a helmet liner to protect your helmet from wear and tear due to sweat. For the bright summer highway rides, the Bell Moto Series certainly guarantees protection along with style.




TCX Roadster 2 Air Boots

The boots are the first things to go into storage when the summer blast hits. The comfort of your feet inside the riding boots is what defines the comfort of your ride. Imagine riding in the heat while your feet are drenched in sweat, not a pretty picture, is it? Riding boots meant for enthusiasts such as the TCX RT-Race Pro Air Boots and TCX Roadster 2 Air Boots have extremely good ventilation. Shoes which go above the shin have a breathable upper portion with zips for increased ventilation. The most important factor to keep in mind is to keep a good layer between your feet and the shoes, which would be a good pair of socks to retain some amount of sweat.




rev’it eclipse summer motorcycle ridding jacket

Though leather jackets never go out of style, wearing one in the tropical Indian summers just isn’t an option. Mesh jackets are an excellent choice when it comes to picking a jacket for summers. Rev’it! Airforce and Rev’it Eclipse are amongst the most suitable riding jackets for extremely hot riding conditions. Similar to Rev’it! jackets are jackets with front ventilation zips provide maximum aeration and give space for the skin to breathe. While purchasing a jacket one must always keep in mind the number of vents it has, jackets with more vents offer much better ventilation. Perforated leather and leather with combinations of mesh is also an option if you want the best of both worlds but one must keep in mind as the amount of leather in the combination increases so does the need for ventilation zippers. One must also keep in mind that riding tend to dehydrate riders and carrying a hydration pack is still a necessity for long rides.



Cooling vest:

Rev'it Cooling Vest Liquid

Cooling vests can be a god given gift while riding in the summers, they use evaporative technology to keep the body cool. The cooling vest needs to be immersed in water, with time the evaporation of water helps in maintaining a cool temperature inside the vest. These vests are very thin and do not feel like another added layer on the body but make a significant difference in body temperatures. Cooling vests are available in pullover like the Rev’it! Cooling vest liquid or zippered varieties like the Rev’it! Challenger Cooling Vest, both being excellent choices to keep the mercury from rising. 



Riding pants:

Rev'it! Seattle Jeans

Undoubtedly denim is the top choice when it comes to all-season riding pants. Denim with incorporated high-strength abrasion-resistant thread in the fabric takes protection to a whole new level. Denims like the Oxford Aramid SP-J3 Reinforced Jeans and Rev'it! Seattle TF Jeans really gets you that badass biker look while also keeping you cool and protected. Besides denim riding pants also offer the same variations in pants as jackets, Mesh pants and combinations of mesh and perforated leather with a good number of vents are also options available to riders looking for a decent pair of riding pants for the summer. The Rev'it! Sand 2 and Rev'it! Airwave 2 Pants are both mesh pants which provide excellent breathability due to well-placed ventilation panels on the legs.


While riding in the summers layers should be avoided, despite this riders must keep in mind the need to cover all body parts with at least one layer of cloth. Motorcyclists should apply sunblock on their necks and at the back of the neck which is often exposed to the sun. An extra pair of shades is also really helpful in avoiding those headaches you get from sun glares. These are few of the pointers to keep in mind while setting out for a summer ride or just to prepare for the long summers coming ahead. Cover your black seats and black fuel tanks with a lighter colored cloth or cover while leaving the bike in the sun, carry lots of water and candy to avoid dehydration on long rides. Choosing the right gear for the right season can be really tricky and equally important. Choose gear that suits you best and enjoy the warm summers with just the perfect tan.


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