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Rev’it! mesh jackets

We all know what it feels like when it comes to picking gear, heaven and hell break loose as we’re torn apart by choices. As the summer hits full blast most of us ditch the leather jackets and turn to mesh jackets to beat the heat. Nowadays a variety of all season jackets are available which are specially designed to outperform in heat conditions.


Rev'it! GT Air 2

Rev'it! GT-R Air 2 Jacket

The Rev'it! GT Air 2 is one example of such hi-tech designs. It is one of the best jackets available in the Indian market that provides supreme protection and also keeps body temperature at a low. The Rev'it! GT Air 2 is an upgrade of the Rev’it GT Air that was a perfect two-season jacket. The new GT Air 2 comes in 3 colour options with a much sportier look with the sides made of a poly-mesh and the front with air-mesh that helps in regulation of airflow. The GT Air 2 provides high-end protection despite being light and airy. This is achieved using CE level 1 rating protection at the shoulders and elbows. The new GT Air 2 also has more reflective surface on it making a rider much more visible on the road at night. The jacket has a dynamic sports tourer look. A cut collar at the neck and interiors of neoprene prove how breathable the design of the jacket is. Lightweight mesh-interior liners inside the jacket ensure that air is circulated throughout the upper body. With all this, the jacket still provides basic pocket storage having one zippered pocket and one Velcro pocket on different sides.  CE level 2 armor is inserted at the back of this jacket ensuring complete protection of the rider’s back. A connection zipper at the back also makes this jacket compatible with all Rev’it! Riding trousers. Indubitably the new Rev'it! GT Air 2 is a much more polished version of the Rev'it! GT Air which already is a huge success amongst riders.


Rev’it! Vertex Air

Rev’it! Vertex Air Jacket

Rev’it! has been producing perfect jacket designs for a while now, adding to that collection is the Rev’it! Vertex Air - amesh two-season hot-weather jacket, ideal for the summers. Bearing a hardcore sports-oriented look and feel the Rev’it! Vertex Air has TPR shoulder paddings on the exterior. This jacket has mesh at the front, insides of the arms and at the back which ensures air circulation to the maximum without compromising on any safety aspect as the jacket also has CE level 1 armors at the shoulders and elbows. The back protection is not included with the jacket so as to ensure that a rider can choose the type of protection required. The snaps at the neck and shoulders are very comfortable to operate even with gloves. The neoprene inners also ensure that even in humid conditions the collar does not chafe your neck. All these factors conclusively place this jacket amongst jackets definitely recommended for the summer season.


Rev’it! Airwave 2

Rev’it! Airwave 2 Jacket

Another two-season hot-weather jacket that Rev’it has perfected with time is the Rev’it! Airwave 2. As the name suggests this jacket is meant for hot weather riding and ensures total airflow throughout the jacket. The new design looks mind-blowing, more aggressive at the shoulders and has added reflective material. The jacket also sports an auto-locking zipper at the front.

The Knox Flexiform CE protection at shoulders and elbows ensure lightweight protection making this jacket the ideal jacket for the summers. Though this comes at the price of protection, this jacket is still value for money. An hourglass version more ergonomic for females is available for ladies. This jacket outperforms other jackets in the field of ventilation as the Rev’it! Airwave 2 also has mesh at the back of the shoulders to ease the circulation of air inside the jacket. The waist provides a lot of adjustment and can fit riders of various body types. The jacket comes without a stock back protector, but protectors can be added to the jacket easily. Rev’it Airwave 2 comes with a connection zipper and is compatible with any pair of Rev’it! Riding denim, in all ensuring the perfect summer riding costume. The interiors are extremely lightweight and help in bringing the total weight of the jacket to a minimum.


These are just a few from the entire Rev’it! lineup, but are certainly the best jackets for this time of the year. All of them ensuring very high grade of protection, breathability and air circulation in the jackets. With very less competition in terms of value-for-money, these three jackets are Team HNP’s top choices for the season.


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