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Getting your motorcycle servicing on time is not the only thing that will prolong the life of your motorcycle.


Many riders will often wonder if they are doing everything to prolong the life of their motorcycle. If you are one of them, here are a few habits that’ll go a long way in increasing your bike’s lifespan.

Keep the motorcycle clean: You might not realize this, but periodic cleaning of your motorcycle will prolong its life by quite some time. Dust, grime, and all other things that get your motorcycle dirty have a corrosive nature, which when left on the motorcycle for long durations, can affect the structural integrity of the part it is on. While plastics are less affected, metal parts degrade more quickly when left dirty.

Fix small problems before they become big: Your motorcycle is a machine, and when running a machine, it is only the second nature that things will wear out, or a part will begin to malfunction. Fix such problems at the earliest as this will stop the affected/stressed part from degrading other components on your motorcycle. Worn out brakes are the perfect example of this. Don’t wait to squeeze out the very last bit from your pads, as when they get completely worn out; there are higher chances they will damage the disc plate or the entire brake assembly.

Keep a service history: Keeping a record of all mechanical work done on your motorcycle will help the mechanic working on your motorcycle. They will be able to judge the life of the components better and when specific wear and tear parts need to be changed. Take the spark plug, for example. Knowing what date and how many kilometers ago it was changed, your mechanic will be able to guide you better when to change it next. Also, it will help you fetch a better price for your motorcycle when you sell it.

Monitor engine oil color and level: In between service intervals, keep monitoring your engine oil. Keep a lookout for changes in color and oil level. Often, hard riding can lead to the oil losing its viscosity earlier than usual, or the level of oil can drop. Even certain manufacturers recommend topping up the oil by 50-100ml in between service intervals. If you change your engine oil in a timely fashion and also keep it filled to the required specification, your motorcycle engine will undergo less wear and tear, thus prolonging its life.

Park in a safe space: Your motorcycle will spend a lot of time parked, and thus you must park it in a safe and optimal space. Ideally, the parking space should be covered and in an area with optimum humidity levels. These steps will help prevent the aging of motorcycle parts such as rubber hoses and seals, and also stop the metal parts from corroding. If this is not possible, invest in a motorcycle cover such as the Oxford Aquatex Bike Cover to shield it from external weathering elements, as much as possible. A pro tip, make sure the covered area you park in is not rodent-infested. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if some electrical component on your motorcycle shorts out.

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