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When it comes to embarking on epic motorcycle touring adventures, having the right gear is of paramount importance. In that sense, the Rev'it Sand 4 H2O Series is designed to be the ultimate companion for motorcycle touring enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and protection. Let us delve into the strengths of the Rev'it Sand 4 H2O Series and explain why it's the go-to choice for riders who demand excellence on the road.


Rev'it Sand 4 H2O Jacket: A Touring Marvel


At the core of the Rev'it Sand 4 H2O Series lies the Sand 4 H2O Jacket. This versatile jacket is engineered to meet the demands of touring riders, ensuring they are ready to face any adventure with confidence.


All-Weather Performance: The Sand 4 H2O Jacket is designed to tackle the unpredictable weather conditions that touring riders often encounter. Its Hydratex membrane guarantees waterproofing while the jacket is breathable when the Hydratex liner is removed. The jacket's rugged outer shell, crafted is abrasion-resistant, providing good protection against road hazards.


Climate Control: What sets this jacket apart is its adaptability to varying weather conditions. Equipped with removable thermal and waterproof liners, it can handle scorching heat and sudden downpours with ease. The air panels on the chest offer instant ventilation when needed, making it a true all-season riding jacket.


Safety Assurance: Safety should always be a rider's top priority. The Sand 4 H2O Jacket incorporates CE-level 2 armour at the elbows and shoulders, ensuring optimal protection. It also features a pocket designed to accommodate a back protector for additional safety. Reflective panels enhance visibility during nighttime rides.


Touring Comfort: Comfort during long rides is essential. The jacket boasts a touring fit that ensures comfort even during extended rides. The adjustable straps and tabs allow for a customised fit, while the mutiple pockets, including a large back pocket, provides ample storage for essentials.


Rev’it Sand 4 H2O Gloves: Precision and Protection


Complementing the Sand 4 H2O Jacket, the Rev'it Sand 4 H2O Gloves are an integral part of the series. These gloves deliver exceptional performance and protection, ensuring you have complete control over your ride.


Weather Resilience: Much like the jacket, the gloves also feature a Hydratex liner, guaranteeing your hands remain dry in wet conditions. They are also insulated, keeping your hands warm when the temperature drops.


Built for Durability: The gloves' palm is reinforced with goatskin to enhance grip and durability. A hard-shell knuckle protector ensures your hands stay safe in the event of an unexpected fall. The best bit however is that these gloves come equipped with a visor wipe to maintain visibility during challenging weather conditions.


Rev'it Sand 4 H2O Pants: Completing the Touring Ensemble


To complete your touring gear, the Rev'it Sand 4 H2O Pants offer versatility, comfort, and protection.


Waterproof and Protective: The pants, like the jacket and gloves, feature a Hydratex membrane, ensuring your lower body stays dry even in the rain. They are also equipped with armour at the knees and hips to provide essential protection.


Tailored Fit: Achieving the perfect fit is straightforward with adjustable straps and tabs. These pants are available in both regular and short lengths to cater to different riders' needs.


Why Choose the Rev'it Sand 4 H2O Series for Touring?


The Rev'it Sand 4 H2O Series is the embodiment of excellence for motorcycle touring enthusiasts. It epitomises the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and protection, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the ride rather than the gear you're wearing.


If you're a dedicated touring rider seeking gear that excels in every aspect, then, the Rev'it Sand 4 H2O Series is your answer.

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