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Article: Ride Safe with Forcefield Body Armour

Ride Safe with Forcefield Body Armour

Ride Safe with Forcefield Body Armour

From keeping you cool in the summers to keeping you alive in a crash. Protective gear and body armour protects a rider from a lot during a ride. Armour protection is available separately so they can be added on to your riding gear, in case it doesn’t already come with armour protection or if you want to upgrade to better standards.

One brand to look out for is Forcefield Body Armour that specializes in Impact Protection and High Performance Clothing Systems. Extremely light and flexible, the Forcefield armour range covers a variety of contact sports - from motorcycling to skiing and snowboarding to mountain biking. Launched in 2003, Forcefield is amongst the best armour brands available today.

Their Climate Control performance engineered clothing has been created to compliment the high quality Forcefield Body Armour. Designed for multi-sport activities where comfort is key, the Climate Control range delivers on style and function by using cutting edge technology including materials such as BeCool™, Meryl®, Scotch guard™ and Defender®.


Here are our top picks from the Forcefield 2018 collection that are guaranteed to enhance your riding experience:


Forcefield action sports shorts:

Forcefield action sports shorts


This is an extremely protective impact gear in the form of shorts. It adds protection to your thighs, hips, coccyx and buttocks while also ensuring comfort. It comes with CE level 1 protection and is constructed with BeCool™ with Humidity Discharge Function that ensures that body temperature is maintained. The Forcefield action sports shorts  are antibacterial and repel most dirt, and washable in a washing machine – making sure you can easily use them on a regular basis. The shorts are extremely snug and comfortable as they sport a draw cord waist fastener. Sizing can be measured as per the rider’s underwear size.


Forcefield EX-K Harness Flite Level 2:

Forcefield EX-K Harness Flite Level 2


At level 2 protection the Forcefield EX-K Harness Flite is one of the most value-for-money products Forcefield has to offer. The new EX-K Harness is reinforced with Kevlar® thread for added strength and durability and features an open design system and multiple adjustment points for optimum flexibility and comfort. Additional elbow pads can be added to this, which really makes for all-round upper body protection. The EX-K Harness is made with the high energy absorbing material Nitrex Evo® which is soft, flexible and comfortable to wear. The 3D paddings are flexible and absorb pretty much any amount of damage using RPT technology.


Forcefield Freelite Back Protector Level 2:

Forcefield Freelite Back Protector Level 2


If flexibility and breathability is a priority for you, the Forcefield Freelite Back Protector is the right choice for you. Its DRI-M (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material) technology makes it a really flexible yet strong material that comes into play upon impact. The harness makes it extremely comfortable to wear and can also be removed to insert the armor into any jacket. This back protector comes with CE level 2 ratings.


Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V2 with Level 2 :

Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V2 with Level 2

The Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V2 is amongst the most comfortable, snug yet protective gear available in the market. Just like a t-shirt it fits perfectly using ‘Free Fitting’ CE2 Armor Layering System. The new X vents provide all-round ventilation and make the t-shirt very breathable. Apart from the vents, the BeCool™ base layer fabric also helps in keeping you cool. This shirt works well for most contact sports and provides supreme protection along with flexibility. 


What is most interesting is that Forcefield armours are compatible with almost any brand of gear and hence can be installed into any jacket or pants. Separate elbow, knee and back protectors are also available in Forcefield. The right protective armour can save your life, so go ahead and invest in the best!












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