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Top 5 Summer Riding Routes in India 

It might be raining outside or the entire country could be burning up in the summer heat, nothing can stop a rider from venturing out of the city. Yearning to set off on a tour, covering distances significant enough to be memorable. Scheduling a riding tour typically depends on a rider’s preferred weather – some prefer to tour in the winters, while some prefer the summers and a few brave the monsoons. 

All weather conditions have certain advantages and disadvantages. Rains are certainly the most risky as roads are wet and general visibility is reduced. Even in the winters, early mornings and late evenings have very low visibility. Summers however offer very ideal riding conditions, the only drawback being the heat. Here are our Top 5 picks of summer tour routes-


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Srinagar to Leh - Considered the Mecca of all motorcycle trips in India, the Srinagar-Leh, Delhi-Leh, Shimla-Leh routes are some of the most picturesque yet testing routes in India. With altitudes reaching 18,000 ft. in Leh, this route is bound to keep you cool while the rest of India suffers in the sweltering heat, that is if you can keep your mind as cool as your body! The twisty and broken roads, rugged landscape, unpredictable landslides and water streams test a rider’s true grit and reward him with some of the most breathtaking sights that man and motorcycle can witness. 


Darjeeling to Sikkim - While most riders enjoy zipping through curvy roads, what every rider enjoys is sipping a cup of tea off their machine every now and then. This 130 km route makes sure you have your fill of tea, with lush green tea plantations all along the route. Riding from the calm and scenic plains, this route turns into a treacherous and winding journey as one approaches Sikkim. The mighty Kanchenjunga provides a perfect backdrop of snow-capped mountains to the culturally rich towns and villages along this route.  



Mumbai to Goa - This 600 km journey is a road trip that every riding group would’ve planned at some point or the other! The holiday destination of India can be reached from Mumbai via NH-4 where one can cruise the wide highways upto Belgaum, or one can ride along the Konkan coast taking dips in numerous scenic beaches that dot the coast of Maharashtra before reaching the golden sands of Goa. 


Bengaluru to Coorg - With congested roads and bumper-to-bumper traffic, Bengaluru is a city full of bikers aching to cruise the roads. Thankfully, the coffee laden hills of Coorg offer a laid-back weekend destination for these dreary souls. Riding through the misty and winding roads on the way to Coorg is like therapy for any biker. One can ditch their loud motorcycles for quaint bicycles and explore the orange groves and lush forests around Coorg while getting lost in nature’s sounds. With endless sights to soothe the eyes, no wonder Coorg is known as ‘the Scotland of India’. Located only 250 km from the city of Bengaluru this is one ride for every nature lover with two wheels. 



Chennai to Munnar - While Chennai blisters in the heat all year round, one can take a long yet rewarding trip of 600 kms from the east coast towards God’s own country. With a number of routes available for one to choose, what’s common between all routes are the mesmerizing landscapes one crosses on the way to the bustling tea plantations of Munnar. situated at the confluence of three rivers. The trail passes through numerous waterfalls and wildlife reserves before leaving the rider with a difficult choice at Kattakamanpatti, ride on towards the tea estates of Munnar or turn north towards the scenic Kodaikanal. 


While all of these routes can be covered in any season, summer is one of the best times to hit these highways, enjoy the clear weather and cold breeze on hilly routes. Last but not the least, make sure you wear the right riding gear and carry the right kind of accessories to beat the heat while staying safe on the road. 

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