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As we suit up for a ride, polish our helmets and refuel our tanks, there’s this one thing a rider usually forgets - protective eye gear. Much like we protect any other body part with proper riding equipment, we also need to take precautions to keep our eyes safe from harmful sunlight, dirt and projectiles on the road. 

Since your eyes are one of the most delicate organs in the body, care needs to be taken accordingly to ensure nothing goes awfully wrong during a ride. Even a tiny speck of dust entering your eyes during a turn can result in a fatal crash. Hence riding glasses should always be worn to protect the eyes from any possible damage. Riding without glasses can lead to several complications such as landing up with dry eyes. This is a condition that arises when the eyes lose moisture before tears are formed. Another important reason for wearing riding glasses during a ride is to avoid harmful UV rays from impacting the eyes and also to increase visibility in certain conditions. For instance, polarized lenses help to reduce glare, Orange or yellow lenses can help improve clarity on dull days. Non-tinted lenses are required for nighttime riding (light yellow tints are OK for nighttime, and dark sunglasses are a big no-no!). Glasses used when riding should have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and a lightweight nylon frame.

Nowadays riding glasses are available with changeable lenses. These ensure that you have the most appropriate lenses according to the given situation rather than investing in different riding glasses.

Lenses can fog up easily, especially in a full-face helmet where you are breathing humid air into the helmet. So invest in anti-fog pair. You can also reduce fogging by wearing your glasses 15-20 minutes before using them outside, as this will normalise them to the temperature of your head. 

Since choosing the right pair of riding glasses can be quite a challenge, here are our top picks to help you make the right choice-


1. Bertoni Photochromic Polarized Sports Sunglasses: 

Bertoni Photochromic Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Bertoni Photochromic Polarized Sports Sunglasses are made of shatterproof Nylon Mesh, which is extremely lightweight at 0.63 ounces. A wraparound design protects the eyes from wind, splashes and bad weather, and provides enhanced peripheral vision. The glasses come equipped with photochromic polarized lens that adjusts to ambient brightness, going from light smoke filter 2 to grey filter 3 in only 8 sec. The polarized lenses also reduce reflections on horizontal surfaces. Available in sizes suitable for all types of faces (narrow to large) the glasses also have ergonomic soft nose pads which adjust to the size of the rider’s nose, making it an extremely comfortable wear and offers an exceptional fit for any shape of face. A grip at the tip of the arm and nose bridge keeps the sunglasses from slipping, ensuring the safety of the glasses as well as your eyes. 


2. Bertoni Motorcycle Sports Sunglasses:


These stylish sunglasses come with polycarbonate anti-fog lens impact and provide 100% UV protection. The frame, black "soft touch rubber effect" is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. Its comfortable shape makes it unique in its kind for protection from wind. Combined with the temples, thin and straight, these are perfect for use under any type of helmet. It also supports an optical support for prescription lenses, sold separately. Similar to the Bertoni Photochromic Polarized Sports Sunglasses, the Bertoni Motorcycle Sports Sunglasses is also designed as a wraparound and provides enhanced peripheral vision.


3. Bertoni Motorcycle Sunglasses Photochromic Antifog Lens:


Bertoni F333


Covered with removable foam, these glasses protect the eyes from any infiltration of air while increasing the comfort. The temples are interchangeable with an elastic strap for an accentuated grip. The Bertoni F333 are equipped with anti-fog photochromic lenses that, with increasing and decreasing exposure to UV rays, change to clear to smoke automatically, always ensuring an excellent visual performance. Photochromic lenses in shockproof polycarbonate protect the eyes every day, in presence of sunlight, overcast or intermediate weather conditions. In addition, they are treated with a special resin that removes the condensation that forms on the lens surfaces in the transition from hot to cold. The reaction time of the photochromic lenses are very fast: only 8 seconds to go from clear to smoke, and 35 seconds from smoke to clear. The matte black colour makes them very aggressive and particularly suitable for motorcyclists.


4. Oxford Assault Pro Matte Black Goggles

Oxford Assault Pro Matte Black Goggles

Oxford high specification Assault Pro goggles are made of strong Flexible TPU material and highly durable and ergonomic. Triple foam layers ensure maximum comfort, and the lenses are anti-fog, scratch-resistant and provide optimum UV protection. There are numerous lens options and a large number of accessories are available with the sunglasses. These come in a range of colours, and the woven elastomer strap with silicone reinforcements ensures comfort. 


5. Oxford Assault Street Mask

Oxford Assault Street Mask

Greying the lines between stylish and practical, the Oxford Assault Mask is probably the coolest riding gear you can buy off the shelf. It is constructed with flexible TPU frame which is complemented by Anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses which provide UV protection. Ergonomic foam padding makes this an extremely comfortable mask with excellent ventilation. The mask also includes Silicone detailed strap, detachable lower mask, and goggles.


It looks cool while protecting your face from errant road debris and small flying predators! An absolute must to complement an open face helmet. 


We hope this helps you choose a pair of riding glasses that suit your purpose. Ride on and ride safe!

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