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Open face helmets require extra protection for the eyes and these pieces of eyewear do the job perfectly.

Riding around in an open face helmet is fun. You can feel the wind in your face, they look good and it is easier than putting on a full-face helmet. However, one thing to keep in mind with open-face helmets is that you don’t have any protection for your eyes, that will be left watering if an open-face helmet is what you use all the time. Instead, pair it with the right riding eyewear, that will not only enhance the style quotient of your riding ensemble, but also make sure you have clear vision throughout.

Bell Custom 500 with Bertoni Vintage Custom Mask Goggles

The Bell Custom 500 helmet, available in multiple colour schemes, is a great fit for low-speed city riding. The design is reminiscent of Bell’s fibreglass helmet called the 500, which was first made in 1954. While retaining the original design, Bell has incorporated modern protection featured in the helmet’s construction.  

If you are looking to pair this helmet with a piece of eyewear, we recommend the Bertoni Vintage Custom Mask Goggles. They are constructed out of steel and then enveloped in leather. The strap is adjustable so finding the right fit won’t be a problem. What’s more, the lenses are modern and won’t break in the event of a crash. The anti-fogging coating will ensure there will be no fogging issues. You even get UV protection with the glasses so riding in the open sun will not harm your eyes.

Bell Rogue with Bertoni Rubber Black Sunglasses

The Bell Rogue is a half-face helmet and its robust construction provides the best protection you can expect from an open-face helmet. It even gets a muzzle in the front to deflect air flow so that it doesn’t directly hitting your face. 

Pair the Bell Rogue open-face helmet with Bertoni’s Rubber Black Sunglasses and most of your face will be safe from the weathering elements. The glasses themselves have an anti-fogging coating and there is further ventilation to make sure that you have a clear vision, even in the most misty conditions. The straps are adjustable for a good fit and the glasses are designed to be shatterproof in the event of a crash.

Bell Moto 3 Classic Helmet with Oxford Assault Pro Matte Black Goggles

The Moto 3 helmet from Bell is not an open-face helmet per se but it still requires you to use some kind of eye protection. The design is from Bell’s original Moto 3 helmet, with all modern protection features and materials such as fibreglass in its construction, make it a stylish yet highly protective helmet. 

The Oxford Assault Pro Matte Black Goggles fit perfectly well with the Bell Moto 3 helmet. The lenses are interchangeable and offer UV protection. They are even scratch resistant so accidental scuffs will not leave a permanent mark. The lens choices are clear, red tint, blue tint and silver tint. You even get tear-offs so that cleaning your lens on-the-go becomes easy. 

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