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Article: Top picks for Adventure-Touring gear from Rev’it!

Top picks for Adventure-Touring gear from Rev’it!

Top picks for Adventure-Touring gear from Rev’it!

Taking your bike out for a spin in the city or even for close by weekend getaways can be fun. But what really kicks it up a notch on the adventure, challenge and thrill meter is a long tour. The basics of riding never change; however, riding gear is still the most primary and vital requirement one needs to look into while preparing for a long ride. Suitable gear ensures you last on that bike longer, not only enhancing your endurance but also making a long ride feel like a breeze. Comfort and protection are the two most important features to look out for in adventure-touring riding gear and Rev’it! makes some of the best touring gear in the world. We here at HNP are big fans of the brand and so we’ve curated a list of the best that Rev’it! has to offer adventure-touring riders. So read through and decide on your own which of these are most suited for you-



Rev’it! Levante jacket – This one’s a 3-season mesh jacket that really beats the heat! One of the most recommendable jackets for the sports-touring or adventure-touring bikers, Rev’it! Levante sports a sophisticated look with clean cuts and design. The exterior layer is waterproof, yet very breathable.

Revit Levante Jacket

A single inner liner doubles up as rain protection and a warm thermal liner. Its spacious pockets give you that extra room needed for keeping small accessories handy on a long ride, and also double up as hand warmers in the cold. A rabbit pocket at the back of the jacket can easily store your liner as well. The rolled collar along with 5 collar positions makes the jacket extremely comfortable. A flap on both sides of the jacket allows the rider to tighten the jacket at the bottom to avoid bunching up while riding in an upright seating position. All in all Rev’it! Levante is one of the most valued buys ideal for sports-touring or adventure-touring.


Rev’it! Sand 3 Jacket - One of the most revered jackets in the market today, the Rev’it! Sand 3 is undoubtedly a top of the line 3-4 season adventure jacket. It comes with a fully removable waterproof liner and warm liner.

Rev’it! Sand 3 Jacket

Meant to be functional and breathable, this jacket covers it all. The Rev'it! Sand 3 uses a lightweight durable polyester ripstop main construction, with a seamless armpit panel design, which ensures the highest comfort and freedom of movement - essential for adventure riding. The included shoulder and elbow armor is Rev'it!'s proprietary SeeFlex CE Level 2 breathable net. The Sand 3 can also accept a CE Level 2 SeeSoft back protector, and can be paired with the Sand 3 Pants for complete Level 2 protection. The molly web system on the shoulders and at the front enables a rider to hang accessories from the jacket itself. All this together makes Rev’it! Sand 3 a must-have for all riders.


Rev’it Sand 3 Pants - Just as good as the Sand 3 jacket, the Rev’it! Sand 3 pants cover all weather conditions while providing excellent protection.

Rev’it! Sand 3 pants

They are a huge leap forward when it comes to ventilation where Rev’it!’s proprietary SeeFlex open net knee armor is more breathable than its predecessors, while also earning the highest CE Level 2 certification for limb protection. The Sand 3 Pants also use SeeSmart Level 1 armor in the hips to maintain the lowest profile, most flexible feel while still providing low side impact protection. These pants come with a warm liner that zips up at the top as well as at the bottom, while still providing excellent room for big beefy adventure boots. Rev’it Sand 3 jacket and pants, while being a bit heavy on the wallet, are undoubtedly the best value adventure touring gear available.


Rev’it! Sand 3 Gloves – All you need to complete the Sand 3 collection are the beefy and sharp looking Rev’it! Sand 3 gloves.

Revit Sand 3 Gloves

These two-season gloves provide superior protection through TPR protection on the knuckles and fingers and have the touch-tech on thumb and index finger, allowing use of touchscreens or navigation device while keeping the gloves on.


Rev’it! Monster 2 Gloves - Highly water resistant and highly ergonomic, the Rev’it! Monster 2 gloves are 2-season hot weather gloves that provide excellent flexibility with superior protection.

Rev'it! Monster 2 Gloves

Made of goatskin, these gloves are snug and comfortable and the raised TPR running along the fingers provide that extra bit of protection to your fingers. The reinforced TPR baked into the glove dampens vibrations from the bike to a large extent. 


Rev’it! Dirt 2 Gloves - Retro-looking dual sports gloves, the Rev’it Dirt 2 is ideal for the sporty touring look.

Revit Dirt 2 Gloves

Using a mixture of mesh and leather, these gloves ensure complete breathability and protection. A hard-shell knuckle on a flex-panel also provides flexibility along with protection.


Touring isn’t every rider’s cup of tea. But if it is yours, then make sure you get yourself the appropriate gear that’s your constant long ride companion, whether riding along the warm coastal line or in the frigid mountain air. Choose wisely and ride safely!

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