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All a rider needs is a motorcycle, a backpack and an open road right? Maybe for a day’s trip. But as you add days to the trip, the weight on your back keeps adding up too. Therefore one of the essentials for a safe and comfortable long trip is to carry your luggage the right way. Here are Team HNP’s top picks for motorcycle luggage this season- 


1. Oxford Aqua Backpack- The first luggage essential is a well-sized backpack that can store all belongings needed on the go, although it’s not ideal to carry heavy loads on your back while riding.

Oxford Aqua Backpack

The Oxford Aqua Backpack is an excellent all-weather backpack made from tear-resistant and waterproof tarpaulin, with a roll top closure for better protection. It has two external pockets, side mesh pockets and water resistant zips. It’s a well padded, comfortable-to-wear backpack that also provides good back support. 


2. Oxford Aqua Tail bag – A tail bag is ideal for longer journeys as it can carry a lot without giving your back any discomfort. The Oxford Aqua Roll bag is a 30/50-litre tail bag designed to endure all types of weather. Made of a tarpaulin construction and featuring a waterproof roll top design, it comes with an array of internal and external pockets to stow away your valuables.

Oxford Aqua T-30 Roll Bag

It has reflective detailing for higher visibility to you and your motorcycle. It’s incredibly easy to install and has a padded shoulder strap to carry comfortably while off the bike.


3. Oxford Lidstash - It’s important to carry all your belongings safely, and for a motorcyclist the helmet is one of the most valuable belongings. However, it’s also mostly ignored while being kept away once off the bike.

Oxford Lidstash

The Oxford Lidstash is a boon for helmets. Made from tough, water resistant fabric, it features a zippered pocket and carry handles for convenience. It’s lined with deluxe fleece on the interior for extra protection to your helmet.


4. Oxford Magnetic Tank Bag - The Oxford Magnetic Tank Bag is a piece of motorcycle luggage that can be installed in seconds. Ideal for storing items that you need quick access to while riding - for example documents, camera, wallet. It comes with a map holder as well as a pocket to hold GPS devices or a smartphone.

Oxford Magnetic Tank Bag

It also contains an electrical socket and internal pocket to hold a device while it’s charging.


5. Oxford Cargo Net and Bungees - The Oxford cargo net and bungee cords are ideal choices for those who have to carry luggage that’s not specially designed for a motorcycle.

Oxford Cargo Net

They can be used to hold down all kinds of luggage when used at the motorcycles tail.

Oxford TUV/GS Bungee

A cargo net can also be used to store various smaller items when hooked onto the motorcycles tank. 



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