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A good pair of riding boots is one of the toughest choices to make for a rider. The shoes a man wears can tell a lot about him. Similarly, which riding boots you pick tell a lot about you as a rider. The most important factor to keep in mind while picking the boots is what type of rides you will be doing- commuting, track, dirt or touring?

To help with the process of picking the right pair, here’s team HNP’s take on some of the best boots out there for the season -


TCX Baja WP Boots:

TCX Baja WP Boots

The new TCX Baja Gore-Tex boots in our opinion is one of the best designs available in the market. Evolving from the TCX Track Evo, these boots have a lesser aggressive yet stiffer sole. The Baja boots are more versatile, more adventure-touring-centric, suitable for all climatic conditions, making them a perfect 4 season pair of boots. The buckles on the boots are aluminum and are aesthetically built for superior fit. These CE rated boots equipped with Comfort Fit System are very flexible and easy to fit. The oiled leather adds to the aesthetics. The Gore-Tex also makes the boots much more breathable and waterproof for more all-round use. Inner suede heat guards offer maximum grip and suede at the front and rear padded areas increase comfort. These boots despite being a little heavy on the pocket are a deal worth the money, making them one of the best boots available in India.


TCX RT StreetFighter:

TCX RT StreetFighter

As the name suggests, these boots are meant for superior street riding. The TCX RT StreetFighter provides plenty of armor with flexibility, lightweight sports protection that does not hinder movement in any way. The StreetFighter has excellent PU heel guards and shin plates along with a Torsion Control System ensuring more confidence on curves with better protection. Perforated front and rear areas of the boots provide airflow and ventilation. Along with being breathable the design is also very well fitting as it comes with an elastic zipper with a Velcro fastener band. The sole makes it well suited for the track, as it possesses a Mono-compound rubber sole. All in all, the TCX RT StreetFighter is a piece of eye candy that provides you better protection than most boots do, at a very reasonable price.


TCX Roadster 2:

TCX Roadster 2

A highly refined and improved version of its predecessor, the TCX Roadster 2 boot sheds some weight while retaining its protection, making it a better 3 season riding boot. The microfibre and padded textile boot come with replaceable TPU toe sliders, shifter pads, and a streamlined heel guard. The adjustable instep strap and mono-compound sole provides a better fit and gives the rider better tactile response. The Roadster 2 is a well-priced sport riding boot with a moderately stiff sole, providing control on the bike and comfort even off the bike. Also available in a fully perforated version, the TCX Roadster 2 Air comes in a vibrant color way that’s sure to grab a lot of attention.

Other boots like the TCX Roadster Air 2 and the TCX Rush Boots are extremely comfortable both on and off the vehicle. While touring boots such as the TCX Airtech Evo GT-X Boots go a really long way and fit the needs of most riders.


Keeping the summer heat in mind, these are a few of our top choices for this season. These boots serve their purpose as well as are fashionable, so you stay protected while turning heads!


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