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Givi Weightless Thermoformed Soft Panniers (Pair) - 25 Litres

Sale priceRs.36,899.00

The Givi WL900 Weightless is a pair of 25 litre Monokey semi-rigid side panniers. They are compatible with the tubular side-case holders PL, PLR, PLO and PLOR. The aerodynamic design makes them particularly suitable for sporty motorcycles, and the thermoforming process gives the bags full load capacity.

Designed to latch onto Givi Monokey side case racks, WL900 Saddlebags offer easy-on, easy-off lockable storage in a lightweight package. Since these saddlebags are reinforced with structural foam, they hold their shape when carrying your gear, even at highway speeds. See "Givi Side Case Racks For Monokey Side Cases" for a bike-specific rack that will support these saddlebags. 

From an aesthetic point of view, the "total black" of the bottom and details emphasizes the presence of the silver chrome GIVI logo on the external side.
The standard technical equipment is rich, offering, for example, internal elastic bands, a removable waterproof internal bag, and the possibility of closing with an integrated combination padlock.


  • Waterproofing: includes waterproof inner dry bags
  • Monokey series semi-rigid side bags
  • Compatible with Monokey side case racks (expect those designed for Trekker Outback or V35 / V37 side cases)
  • Aerodynamic design makes them particularly suitable for sport bikes
  • Thermoforming process gives the bags full load capacity
  • ABS rack interface
  • Diamond texture exterior
  • Soft touch internal lining
  • Internal mesh pocket
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Internal elastic straps to keep the load stable
  • Silver chromed injection logo badge
  • Combination lock zipper closure
  • Removable waterproof inner bag with IPX5 waterproofing rating (resists a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray)
  • 25L capacity per bag
  • Sold as a pair

Note: Givi Side Case Racks For Monokey Side Cases are sold separately.