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Oxford Snug - Black

Sale priceRs.1,400.00

The Snug offers the same all-year comfort as our customer favorite Comfy's but with an added Polar Fleece lower section to insulate and trap warmth against the skin - the perfect winter companion.

Key Features
• Multi-functional head and neck wear
• Thermal, lightweight, breathable and wind resistant
• Lower Polar Fleece section
• 100% Polyester Microfibre
• Seam-free for maximum comfort
• One size fits all
• CE certified protection against UV radiation (UPF 17) *
• Hands wash only

* UV protection can diminish over time. Please inspect for wear and tear and replace as necessary.
    You can wear a Snug however you feel comfortable but here are a few of the many options:
    • Beanie
    • Face mask
    • Neck tube
    • Bandana
    • Full face balaclava
    • Open face balaclava