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Article: Say Hello to the New Akira One-Piece Suit from Rev’it

Say Hello to the New Akira One-Piece Suit from Rev’it

Say Hello to the New Akira One-Piece Suit from Rev’it

Revit Akira One Piece

If you’re searching for a motorcycle suit to keep you safe while also lookingsleek, then look no further than the Rev’it Akira One-Piece Suit. This riding suit has been recently launched in the market retailing around $1299.99.

The new Akira Suit, while originally designed for professional riders is now available for all. Not only will it provide you protection against abrasion etc., the suit will also ensure you are free to move during the ride. These two factors allow you to keep your mind on the road without any distractions.


With PWR | Kevlar stretch panels and an outer shell made of highly abrasion-resistant Monaco and Augustini full grain cowhide leather, you will feel like Iron Man, with nothing in your way.  The suit also features Betac® protection, an invention used regularly by motocross bikers and riders at other world-class competitions.

The suit has slide on protection in the form of dual comp protectors for the knees, elbows and shoulders. Knee protectors are made of a combination of TPU and PA6 compounds, both highly resistant. The material makes them great in keeping you safe, while not leaving a strain on your movement during the ride.

The dual comp protectors at the elbows and shoulders are ergonomically shaped and made of TPU that’s topped with aluminum, thus creating a perfect piece of armor for your ride. The protectors are CE rated for the top level of safety.

Akira One piece suit by revit

SEESMART™ inserts

The Rev’it Akira One-Piece Suit is designed so that SEESMART™ inserts can be added at the hips as well as the back. You get maximum protection by upgrading this suit with the SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector, which the suit can be tailored to accomodate. When it comes to hip protector inserts, SEESMART™ CE-level 1 type B is the perfect match.


The Weakest Link

Research has shown that the biggest safety problem in motorcycle garments comes with stitching at the seams. But, not in this case! The kind of stitching technology used to construct the Akira One-Piece Suit from Rev’it is of the highest quality.

Safety stitches are used in all the areas that may face an increased risk of impact.


Great protection might not be appreciated if you’re going to cook inside the suit. Again, this won’t be the case with the Akira suit. This One-Piece motorcycle garment offers amazing ventilation, while not compromising on safety.

The outer shell is partially perforated, but the reason why the suit is so well ventilated is the fact that it’s made of breathable cowhide.


The One-Piece Akira suit is both elegant and edgy at the same time. It takes the shape of the body, perfect for race drivers. The suit comes in sizes 44 to 56. When it comes to color, four different options are offered:

  • black/white
  • white/red
  • white/blue
  • black/acid green

Conclusion & Review on Rev’it Akira One-Piece Suit

Rev’it is a motorcycle gear company with a lot of experience in professional motorcycling. Their latest product, the One-Piece Akira is a technical masterpiece. With such high level of protection, combined with the utmost comfort, the suit will be worth every penny.

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