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Is that visor all you are going to need in changing weather conditions or do riding glasses answer the question better?

When talking about riding gear, people will often mention helmets, jackets, pants, boots, gloves and the lot, but riding glasses are generally skipped over. This is because not many people consider them to be part of their riding gear, as they don't actively help protect their body during a crash. However, riding glasses are a very important part of one's riding gear as they help shield the eyes from external lighting conditions, which can change quite quickly when riding a motorcycle.

Regular Sunglasses: Many people often use tinted visors to cut out the excess light from natural sources, when riding in daytime conditions. However, if using a tinted visor is something that you are not comfortable with, there is another option called sunglasses. While regular sunglasses can be worn underneath a helmet, ones that are designed by motorcycle gear manufacturers are generally better as they fit inside a helmet a lot more easily. Bertoni's sunglasses are an excellent choice that comes with black tints from the factory. Sunglasses are a better option over tinted visors as when riding during the night; you have to take the sunglasses off instead of changing the visor.

Motorcycle goggles: These glasses are designed with a little more singular function in mind. They use an elastic band that tucks behind your head and will keep the glass area fixed over your eyes. Motorcycle goggles are paired with off-road helmets as the big opening in them allows for the goggles to be positioned comfortably over a rider's face. These are also paired with open-face helmets and provide a neo-retro kind of look for the rider. The Bertoni Vintage Custom Mask goggles are a great example, which will match well with open face helmets like the Bell Custom 500 series.

Goggles with interchangeable lenses: Their construction is the same as regular goggles, but they feature the added functionality of changeable lenses. This helps greatly when riding in changing weather conditions. It could be sunny one moment, and an hour or two into the ride, the sky could suddenly become overcast or even fog could develop — no need to sweat. Stop, change the lenses, and you are good to ride in the changed conditions. Again, Bertoni has an interchangeable lens goggle that comes with different lenses for tackling different weather conditions.

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