• Do You Really Need Riding Boots?

    Do You Really Need Riding Boots?

    Posted by Team HNP

    Riding boots can be cumbersome. They cost quite a bit, and aren’t all that useful once you are off the motorcycle. What’s more, they require a decent amount of effort to clean too. It’s not like you can remove the armour and simply plonk them into the machine. So you see, it’s not surprising when some people simply choose to replace their riding boots, with riding shoes, or even regular shoes! Let’s take a look at the difference between the three and find out why riding boots are the best. Regular shoes Regular shoes that you wear on an everyday...

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  • Tips for Buying the Right Riding Boots

    Tips for Buying the Right Riding Boots

    Posted by HNP Team

    Bikers often underestimate the importance of a good pair of riding boots, the one item amongst all riding gear that goes through the maximum wear and tear. The most common question that gets asked is - Why do I need riding boots and not just regular shoes while riding? Well, regular shoes are made of soft fabrics or light leather that tears up the moment it hits the asphalt. Riding boots on the other hand are designed and engineered for durability, comfort, protection, and of course style. They have the ability to face various elements and protect your feet, ankles...

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