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Look around and you’ll find various kinds of bikers - some like cruisers while some like sports bikes, some like to hit the track while some like the dirt, some like the thrill of speed whereas some like the joy of covering distances. Similarly, you’ll find riders who enjoy riding in groups and some who like riding solo. Both experiences have their charm, and to each their own! 


In today’s blog, we at Team HNP would like to share a few tips for both solo riders as well as those riding in a group. Keep these in mind to enjoy your next ride out of the city.

Riding solo: As much as riding solo rids you of taking responsibility for the lazy and irresponsible ones (!), it puts on you alone all the tasks that come with the joy of a tour. Here are a few things to keep in mind-


  1. Always inform a close friend/family member of your schedule and itinerary. That way there’ll be someone at the base to keep track of your whereabouts in case of a mishap or accident on the road. 
  2. Plan your ride such that you cross any forests / unsafe areas in daylight.
  3. Avoid riding during the night if you're riding alone
  4. Riding alone gives you the freedom to halt anywhere you like, but make sure you lock your bike at all times when you're off it. 
  5. While halting for the night, let the person at base know about the your hotel or lodge details. Even in case of a puncture or any other fault with the motorcycle drop a message at the base. 
  6. You'll make a lot of friends on a solo ride, but be cautious about sharing too many details about your route and plans. Relying on Google maps is a good habit as it makes you self-reliant, so you're not telling random people your route and plans while asking for directions. 
  7. Eat healthy and stay hydrated at all times. If you fall sick during a ride, take a break; don't exert yourself, as there is no one to take care of you. Overexertion is something a lot of riders face riding solo, as testosterone levels hit the roof riders often overestimate their own potential. 


The freedom of riding solo can be an unparalleled experience, so stay safe and enjoy the ride!

Riding in groups: Riding in a group is always fun. It gives you an opportunity to spend time with like-minded people in places that bring out the best in all. Riding in a group might help share some responsibilities, but does not lessen them in any way. Here are a few tips to enjoy riding in a group- 


  1. Come prepared- In any group activity one must always be punctual and arrive prepared. Reach the designated grouping point with a full gas tank and on time. You don’t want to be the one slowing the group down.
  2. Pick a group leader and sweep - The team must have a designated team leader and a sweep that are relatively more experienced riders and familiar with dynamics of groups riding and behaviour, as they’ll need to keep an eye on all riders throughout the ride
  3. Hold a pre-ride meeting - The group should meet before the ride to discuss and align on things like the route, rest and fuel stops, hand signals and things to carry (toolkit, first aid kit etc.). 
  4. Arranging the riders - Riders should arrange themselves for the ride as per riding experience, with more experienced riders in the front and lesser experienced riders following them in descending order, with the sweep at the end (the sweep being an experienced rider knowing what to do if any of the riders at the back of the group run into trouble). The spacing between riders also matters a lot, to ensure that each rider gets enough time to come to a halt comfortably in case of an obstruction or mishap on the road.
  5. Keep your own pace - Never tailgate or fixate on the motorcycle ahead. Keep your distance and maintain your speed. Different riders have different years of experience on the road. So never get overconfident riding in a group looking at the others riding at higher speeds. Always let the rider on the right go ahead if the road gets narrow


Respect the other riders in the group, irrespective of their riding experience, and you’ll make buddies for life!


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