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Article: Top picks of Track Boots this season

Top picks of Track Boots this season

Top picks of Track Boots this season

Riding boots are probably the most underrated and unappreciated piece of riding gear. They are however as important as a helmet or jacket. Different riding styles require different kinds of riding boots. It’s important to wear the most appropriate kind, as that can make a huge difference to your overall riding experience.

Riding boots

The most generic kind/category that defines riding boots for a layman is Track Boots. These are meant to provide high-grade protection while also giving the sleek and aerodynamic racer look, kicking up the rider’s cool quotient 

We at Team HNP have curated a list of top track boots to help you pick the most appropriate pair for your requirement and style – 


1. TCX RT race boots: A simplified version of the top-of-the line TCX RS II, the TCX RT race boots are high performance, high-grade protection, stylish and comfortable boots - all at a mid-range price point.

TCX RT race boots

The design of these boots is unique and truly stands out, sporting a speed lace system that makes them easy for use. To ensure rider comfort, they have quite a few adjustability functions such as the elasticated rubber along the chain on the boot, and the top ratchet that’s really helpful in easy adjustment for the top of the boot. A double flex system, attaching the back of the heel and top of the boot, allows more foot flexibility and movement while in the boot- making them really suitable for track days.  Solid TPR at the shin and TPU at the top make these boots heavy-duty protective, and a similar TPU hard part at the toe (which is removable) provides lateral protection to the foot. The single density race sole on the boots makes them quite rigid and not very suitable to walk around in. Though if you are planning to get track boots you’re not really thinking of walking around, are you!?


2. TCX SP-Master Boots: The TCX SP-Master boots are very low profiled, low-density boots that tick off on both sports-racing as well as sports-touring purposes.

TCX SP-Master Boots

Available in different versions for men and women, these boots are amongst the most aerodynamic boots in their segment and tuck into the bike easily without any resistance. Front and rear padded areas increase all round comfort of the boots, as does the soft-touch microfiber upper. The ergonomic shin plate reinforcement with iron mesh air intakes allows breathability and all-around ventilation in the boots. The Elastic zipper on the boots allows easier fastening and superior comfort, ensuring a smooth and comfortable riding experience. The Mono compound, ultra-light rubber sole with differentiated grip allows for sturdier hold and stability on the bike. These boots are not very rigid and allow the rider to walk around freely while also providing tactical support to the toes. These boots are super light as they are micro-fibre through and through, with no leather components. 



3. TCX Roadster 2 Boots - The term ‘Roadster’ refers to a sport-focused coupe, typically with no top or a convertible. The TCX Roadster 2 Boots wear the name well, built on an unmistakable sports chassis but with the top chopped down to a comfortable mid-height.

TCX Roadster 2 Boots

The malleolus microinjected reinforcements allow air intake making the boots very breathable and ventilated. Even the foot-bed is much more breathable than a lot other boots out there. The boots sport VELCRO® brand fastener band at the zippers. With microfiber outer and Air Tech breathable lining, the Roadsters are built for fun, fair-weather, spirited riding.  At their price these boots are one of the best buys available in the market today.



4. TCX ST-Fighter Boots- Built for the performance-minded street rider, the TCX ST-Fighter Waterproof Boots focus on all-weather riding comfort and lightweight sports protection that won’t interfere with fine movements on the foot controls.

TCX ST-Fighter Boots

Polyurethane shin and heel guard, shift pad and replaceable toe sliders provide plenty of armour for aggressive street riding. The back of the boot is almost completely TPU, which provides very high-grade protection. The Torsion Control System prevents medial and lateral hyper-extension of the ankle joint so you can dig into those corners with confidence. The Mono compound rubber sole with specific grip area performs very well on a ride providing good grip and protection. It has a waterproof lining which is a big advantage as it helps keep your feet dry from sweat or during rains. With its fancy looks and superior functionality, these are amongst the most sought-after boots in the Indian market.


We hope the above list helps you pick the right pair for your track days! Ride safe and ride right always.

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